Transportation Electrification & EV Programs for Utilities

The call for clean energy is here. In response, utilities are moving to deploy transportation electrification programs and engage customers in adopting electric vehicles. Our expertise can accelerate the journey.

While the benefits of transportation electrification are clear, the path to achieving them isn’t necessarily so. And because every market is different, utilities must first develop a compelling EV plan and defensible business case. That’s where we come in.

Our multidisciplinary team of utility, transportation electrification, and technology experts has designed and implemented electric vehicle (EV) programs for a broad range of utilities. We have navigated the most pressing challenges and mandates facing transportation electrification programs. And we have turned that experience into proprietary electric vehicle program support tools – including business case frameworks, a total-cost-of-ownership calculator, and EV fleet conversion viability models – that streamline and accelerate the path to tangible results. 

Results You Can Expect

  • Achieve clean air targets and greenhouse gas reduction goals 
  • Improve customer engagement to increase EV adoption
  • Increase alignment with regulators on EV program goals and investment targets
  • EV programs that maximize value for all utility customers
  • Align EV load growth to the grid via managed charging
  • Accelerate customer EV adoption 
  • Streamline EV infrastructure and ready-made rebate processing

What We Offer

Design transportation electrification programs for greater impact

The most effective EV programs require collaboration across departments and insightful customer engagement – with initial successes creating opportunities for incremental expansion into residential and commercial customer segments. We apply experience gained working with prominent utility EV programs across the United States, creating the ability to drive greater impact, faster. Our team brings significant lessons learned to the planning process for transportation electrification, including experience to:

  • Assess your organization’s readiness and customer base’s EV affinity
  • Design a spectrum of residential and commercial EV programs – including light-, medium-, and heavy-duty fleets; e-bus programs; and EV charging infrastructure
  • Develop appropriate EV tariffs and cost-effective incentives that drive ROI

Create a compelling and defensible business case

Electric transportation business cases differ from other utility programs, and there are key distinctions between residential and commercial fleet programs, as well. Our team, with former utility executives and DER technologists, can help build a compelling value story to facilitate transportation electrification approvals – with a focus on:

  • Accurately forecasted EV load across various customer segments
  • Effectively modeled EV rates combined with incentives across that future EV load
  • Refined  “make ready” infrastructure and other rebate incentives to attract commercial and transit EV customers, without unfairly burdening the broader customer base
  • Financial modeling

Educate and engage prospective EV fleet owners

Success depends on a utility’s engagement with diverse customers around EV adoption. At the center of our approach is a set of customer engagement tools including DER 360 for tracking and managing customer EV charger applications and our proprietary EV total cost of ownership tool, which allows fleet owners to compute ROI, calculate fuel and maintenance savings , payback period, and GHG avoidance. The cost of ownership tool also provides recommendations for the type(s) and number of chargers required and acts as an effective tool to engage and convert EV customers. 

Support your EV program with efficient, automated back-office operations

Our electric vehicle back-office tools provide automated workflow and streamline the processing of customer applications with an intuitive experience across all phases of the relationship:

  • Opportunity management
  • EV supply equipment enrollment – including application processing and rebate tracking
  • EV energy program (e.g., managed charging, rebates) enrollment
  • Customer lifetime EV charging data tracking
  • KPI dashboards providing executive program status and results driven by analytics

Leverage data to drive success

Data underpins every aspect of a successful transportation electrification program – from engaging customers to managing EV loads and impacts on the grid. Our data engineers will create a solution that:

  • Captures data from diverse EV charging data sources and metered systems
  • Validates the incoming EV charging data and performs analysis like time of charging
  • Enables analysis of EV usage patterns and grid impact
  • Equips EV team analysts with dashboards and timely insight

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