Infrastructure Modernization for Electric & Gas Utilities

Stay ahead of evolving customer expectations, disruptive technologies, and the challenges of aging infrastructure. We can help you power real results.

Public expectations. Competitive pressures. The need to update and replace aging infrastructure. One thing is clear—infrastructure modernization continues to be an imperative.

On the regulatory front, states across the country are exploring new business models, sources of revenue, and rate paradigms that align financial incentives with climate policy goals, customer interests, and the changing energy market landscape.

An infrastructure modernization program has many moving parts. Investments are needed for new and upgraded T&D infrastructure and IT and OT systems. Support is also needed for the proliferation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

Our industry, technology, and operational experts can help you strengthen and optimize your organizational structure and culture. So you can drive progress toward a modernized infrastructure, and deliver real, measurable results.

That’s where we can help.

Results You Can Expect with a Modern Infrastructure 

  • Improve capabilities in connecting and controlling machines, objects, and devices
  • Integrate IT/OT systems
  • Secure your networks
  • Increase the intelligence of your infrastructure

What We Offer: Utility Infrastructure Modernization Programs

Manage the proliferation of DERs

Proactively develop and invest in the modern infrastructure services, and digital systems needed to accommodate the increasing penetration of DERs—from smart meters and solar and wind energy, to transportation electrification and non-wire alternatives.

Upgrade your field area network

An extended network is needed to enable distribution automation, AMI, substation automation, and distributed generation. Readiness for this transition from the older field area networks is complex. Having the right plan in place before deployment can make all the difference.

Integrate Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT)

Turn IT (CIS and GIS) and OT (ADMS and OMS) systems from complex, individual tools to one seamless digital system. Enhance infrastructure reliability, reduce costs, and provide operational insights and predictions that can create significant business value.

Build cybersecurity resiliency 

The attack surface continues to expand as intelligent distribution systems, sensors, and IoT devices aid in the visibility of systems. With the proper systems, tools, detection, isolation, and remediation plans in place as part of a modern infrastructure, we can ensure that power delivery remains stable and the lights stay on.

Become a customer-centric utility

Infrastructure modernization will help meet the needs and demands from their customers by offering new technology, more rate options, and access to cleaner energy choices.

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