Cyber Resiliency

Our cyber resiliency plans take a holistic approach, so you can minimize disruption, shutdowns, revenue loss, and brand damage in case of attack

Cyberattack is a fact of business, causing disruption, lost revenue, operational shutdowns, and brand damage. You don’t just need a cyber resiliency plan—you need one that works. That’s where our 360-degree approach comes in.

Rather than thinking about cybersecurity in narrow terms as an IT issue, or simply a compliance exercise in protecting consumer data, our Cyber Resiliency Mandate holistically implements process and procedures throughout the organization to limit the business impact of a security incident.

Having a well protected corporate infrastructure with the requisite safeguards is vital—and not just for technology but for people and processes, too. But what happens when attackers breach these defenses? How do companies handle an incident and its fallout?

When every second counts, the right preparation enables organizations to avoid paralysis and respond faster and smarter. Hasty decisions are avoided, because the pros and cons already have been weighed.

We work with you to understand your objectives, create realistic and impactful threat scenarios, foster collaboration and discussion, and provide steps for actionable improvement.

So you can be confident that your business can navigate the challenges of cyberattack—and stay protected.

We partner with you to:

  • Establish a long-term plan to help mitigate your specific business risks
  • Address your security risks while integrating organizational change management best practices around the best organizational structure for your business
  • Provide the leadership and execution support you need to move your security program forward while allowing your existing staff to continue to meet their operational obligations
  • Tailor real-life attack scenarios for unique business functions, then test and evaluate responses to highlight gaps in planning or execution; from this, we can create goals for improvements

Results You Can Expect

The right cyber resiliency strategy can:

  • Prevent business disruption—industry research indicates that 50% of surveyed executives reported experiencing disruptions from malware six to ten times over the last five years
  • Avoid operational shutdowns—recent attacks have cost businesses upwards of $300 million--thereby avoiding reputational damage and loss of revenue

What We Offer

Cybersecurity Resilience Advisory and Implementation

We provide cybersecurity advisory and program management services to clients who are looking to make their technologies—and their whole businesses—secure and prepared.

Cybersecurity Strategy and Architecture

Our actionable roadmap includes sized, sequenced, and prioritized initiatives to optimize and run your security program. It helps business leaders understand threats, and align cybersecurity efforts with business objectives to mitigate risks, increase resiliency, and continuously improve security. Focus investments. Reduce risk. Increase resiliency. And meet your future business objectives.

Incident Response Tabletop

We challenge the preparedness and responsiveness of your executive teams by testing your incident response methodology with scenarios based on real-world events. Our tabletop exercises put an organization through a simulated stress test to prepare for an effective and efficient response to a security incident. This helps business leaders understand today’s threat landscape and how it applies to their unique business. Our exercises go beyond the playbooks and plans. We bring to light crisis management and the human element of responding effectively.

OT/IoT Cybersecurity Advisory

Our OT/IIoT Cybersecurity Advisory offering addresses key risks to enable businesses to prepare for and recover from breaches and unplanned outages. It is imperative to develop an OT/IIoT security strategy that accounts for the unique constraints (legacy technology and communications, low bandwidth, physical access, etc.), benefits (high consistency, stability), and the evolving threat landscape. We partner with our clients to explore the current links between operational and corporate networks, so that we can deploy the right operational resilience techniques such as risk assessments, real-time network isolation, and operational playbook design.

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