Cybersecurity Advisory for Private Equity (CAPE)

Think of us as a cybersecurity-focused extension of your firm and portfolio companies—protecting your investments from evolving threats. Discover our undeniably different approach for understanding and withstanding cybersecurity risks for private equity firms—and protecting the value in your portfolio company investments.

Cybersecurity threats are growing in complexity and impact. And they’re becoming a key factor in portfolio company valuation. Both actual incidents and a perceived lack of security can affect estimated value—not to mention the bottom line.

We offer an undeniably different approach to cybersecurity strategy consulting that helps private equity firms and portfolio companies understand and withstand critical attack vectors. Our Cybersecurity Advisory for Private Equity (CAPE) program is a package of services that includes ongoing resiliency and maturity assessments, guidance, and recommendations tailored for each portfolio company’s key cybersecurity risks. In particular, our cybersecurity consulting service highlights opportunities for exerting influence to establish better security practices to reduce incident impact. So you can get ahead of threats—and stay prepared.

Results You Can Expect with Cybersecurity Consulting Services

  • Protect financial and reputational assets with a strong cybersecurity strategy
  • Gain portfolio-wide visibility into cybersecurity maturity and take action on your greatest risks
  • Reduce recovery costs and operational downtime in the event of an incident
  • Bolster your team with cybersecurity experts
  • Stay ahead of a rapidly evolving threat landscape
Quickly understand your investment risks with Intellio® Hunt

West Monroe’s CAPE offering is powered by a collection of proprietary tools that help you shore up the security of your portfolio, including our threat-hunting tool, Intellio® Hunt. Intellio® Hunt provides visibility into past cyber incidents across your entire portfolio by enabling our forensic teams to quickly collect and analyze the massive amounts of data required to detect a potential compromise. The result? You spend less capital on surprise cybersecurity incidents and more time on creating value.    

Learn more about West Monroe’s Intellio® suite of assets that deliver results, faster.

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What We Offer - How to Develop a Cybersecurity Strategy for Private Equity

Through CAPE, we have conducted cybersecurity assessments at more than 175 portfolio companies—producing unparalleled insight into cybersecurity risks that affect each company and overall fund performance. Learn how our insights could impact your bottom line.

Cybersecurity resilience and compliance analysis

Identify and address cybersecurity weaknesses that can make the difference between recovering systems and data and being forced to pay in the case of a ransomware attack. Our analysis leverages the NIST Cyber Security Framework to identify your portfolio companies’ risks, determine their ability to protect against attacks, detect active attacks, and respond and recover.

Annual portfolio company cybersecurity resilience roadmap

Make sure your portfolio company is prepared with a roadmap for addressing highest-priority cybersecurity resilience gaps, based on risk profile. To sharpen the focus, we prioritize the roadmap to focus on critical issues that reflect key attack vectors.

Ongoing portfolio-wide perspective and support

Provide operating partners with current insight into their portfolio companies’ cybersecurity compliance, so they can take action where needed to manage risk. Maintain access to vital and valuable cybersecurity consulting services when you need it most with on-demand access to cybersecurity experts. We equip your team with a dashboard that clearly outlines critical risks, current resilience, and ongoing projects within each portfolio company.

CAPE program enhancements

Enhance your cybersecurity strategy program by identifying existing email compromises or indicators of compromise that could lead to a ransomware attack.

Our cybersecurity compliance enhancement options include:

  • Threat hunting for indicators compromise (IoC): break the kill-chain before a more substantial attack or breach occurs
  • Office 365 Exchange Online security hardening and threat hunting: protect your email environment, while also reducing the prevalence of spam email that can compromise credentials or lead to other attacks
  • Virtual chief security officer (vCSO/vCISO): augment your portfolio company’s team with cyber talent

Using Intellio® to create value across the M&A lifecycle

Interested in easier, better M&A? Private equity firms that buy, build, and sell platforms can use West Monroe’s Intellio® suite to drive more value.

Using Intellio® to create value across the M&A lifecycle

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