Digital Value Creation Planning

The manufacturing industry is racing to capture the value of being digital. Are you investing in the right capabilities to win?

Manufacturers that make value-driven business investments are the ones that will gain competitive advantage in the marketplace—and industry leaders are investing heavily into digital solutions at a pace that executives expect to accelerate throughout the rest of this decade.  

The value of being digital is harvesting and using data to power performance. We believe data-driven insights are the key to radically focusing your digital investment plan. Manufacturers have the necessary data—but it’s nearly impossible to transform it into business value without the necessary capabilities, processes, skills, and technologies. An uncertain economy makes it all the more difficult to chart your organization's future. That’s where West Monroe's value creation planning comes in. 

We support our clients on their journey to transform the way they work from a traditional to a digital operating model. Wherever your organization is on that journey, we can help you create tangible value.

We believe digital is a mindset and way of working, not an end state. Planning should reflect that. Our Digital Value Creation Planning services combine quantitative and qualitative financial, capability, and transactional analysis with our industry and technical expertise. In less than 10 weeks, you’ll have a prioritized list of strategic technology initiatives and investments that can create new sources of value in months instead of years.  

Data-Driven Insights & Recommendations You Can Expect

  • Organic revenue growth opportunities 
  • Gross margin expansion opportunities 
  • Enterprise risk reduction actions 
  • Working capital improvement actions 
  • Organizational agility improvements 

What We Offer: Digital Value Creation Planning Consulting

Discover value opportunities  

Are you struggling with where to focus? It’s often the most difficult part with value potential scattered across your organization. That’s why we cast a wide net. Our team analyzes financial, transactional, and technology-related data to diagnose and assess your business inside-out. We conduct operational process and technology capability reviews, and we talk with various business stakeholders to understand their needs, opportunities, and risks. Our digital value creation framework is designed to help discover and amplify areas that are often overlooked, so you can increase the value of your organization.

Identify new organizational capabilities that can improve performance

Which new technologies and capabilities can accelerate digital value creation? We use industry-leading analytical tools and data—including West Monroe’s proprietary Intellio® tools, for analysis and benchmarking—to provide you with both outside-in and inside-out perspectives. Our digital value creation analysis focuses on three key questions: 

  • Where can digital investments drive performance improvement?
  • Where can real-time data and insights help enable the organization to move faster, identify best actions, and take advantage of performance improvement opportunities?
  • Which organizational capabilities must you develop to create and sustain value?
  • Are there gaps in systems or controls that put value at risk—and what will it take to resolve them? 

Recommend a game plan for accelerating value creation

Where should you first invest resources? We use our analysis to begin building a blueprint for your digital future. We meet you where you are in your journey—but bring the best insights and experience from both leading and lagging organizations. We will prioritize the strategic projects based on factors such as estimated benefit, effort, cost to implement, time to value, and your organization’s readiness and capacity for action. We’ll then sequence these initiatives into a pragmatic, actionable roadmap designed specifically to accelerate your organization's value creation plan through digital and non-digital investments.   

Mobilize to capture value  

Do you have the resources and expertise to turn a great value creation plan on paper into real results? We’ll make sure you’re set up for success—for example, by helping you win organizational support for change and investments, kick off new strategic initiatives and technology projects, build tactical execution plans, and establish the capabilities for guiding and managing multiple initiatives. 

Where needed, we can also bring in specialized expertise—for example, vendor selection and negotiation, digital product engineering, process improvement, data and analytics, and change management—from across West Monroe to make your execution as efficient as possible.  

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