Revenue Growth Management

Consumer and industrial product companies with connected, insights-driven revenue operations perform better. We’ll help you chart your path to predictable and optimized revenue growth.

Continued uncertainty—from workforce and economic trends to supply chain disruption to rising material costs—elevate the importance of having predictable revenue streams. That’s why having strategic Revenue Growth Management (RGM) makes a difference. 

RGM focuses on aligning front-office roles such as marketing, sales, and product development to drive profitable and predictable revenue growth. The principles of RGM—while historically associated with CPG organizations—can be applied to all manufacturers who wish to optimize their operations for high-growth potential. 

Putting an RGM strategy into practice can be challenging. That’s where West Monroe comes in. Our Revenue Growth Management consulting team is built to help you every step of the way. We create a custom tailored approach to your specific business needs that targets your best areas of opportunity.

The transition to a fully integrated RGM approach doesn’t happen by taking a broad brush or Band-Aid approach—both of which leave value on the table. It requires developing a true digital mindset across functions—as well as insights-driven operations that enable you to sense and respond quickly to changes in customer needs and the market. 

That’s why we take a strategic approach that puts the focus on developing value-added activities and functions and investing in key areas of growth that will yield high returns for the business. We support all facets of an effective manufacturing RGM strategy—including technology, data and analytics, and organizational change. 

It's an approach that can speed your transformation from a traditional operations focus to a commercial sales focus—and the tangible value that comes with it. 

Results You Can Expect: 

  • Accelerate revenue growth and increase market share 
  • Strengthen customer engagement and loyalty by integrating digital and in-person experiences 
  • Develop more predictable revenue streams 
  • Identify new products and services and growth opportunities—continuously  
  • Respond faster to evolving customer expectations and market pressures 

What We Offer

Uncover high-growth opportunities in your customer-facing operations 

Driving profitable and predictable revenue growth involves multiple factors and functions. We consider them all as we assess profitability and growth potential across your customer base, products and services, and channels. Our team of consumer and industrial products, customer experience, and digital experts will examine your sales funnel, conduct segmentation exercises, and assess your marketing/sales/service enablement, digital sales, and data and analytics capabilities. 

Analyze and quantify your financial opportunity 

We can take a deep dive—rapidly. We come equipped not only with commercial analytics expertise but also industry-leading analytical and visualization tools and data sources—including our own proprietary capabilities, West Monroe Intellio® Insights. These capabilities enable us to capture activity data and model the impact of various technology and process initiatives on your operations, using rich benchmarking insights—so that you can prioritize value-creation initiatives.  

Transform and optimize your revenue growth operations 

We’ll work with you to build an action-ready roadmap and timeline for developing an insights-driven, digital RGM model. This often includes adopting new technology and tools. But that’s just one part of becoming a digital business. That’s why our delivery team includes experts in areas such as customer experience, data and analytics, organizational change management, process optimization, and business strategy.  

As you move forward, we’re right there with you—working together to break down functional silos and build cohesive capabilities that advance your go-to-market strategy, revenue planning and generation processes, and customer engagement and service—leading to predictable revenue streams, stronger loyalty, and profitable growth. 

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