Digital Operations Management

In volatile and uncertain times, rapid insight is key. Manufacturers must operate in a data-driven, digital way – or risk falling behind.

Growth and competitiveness hinge on the ability to adapt quickly to changing demand and competition. That comes down to data. The good news? Manufacturers have more data than ever at their disposal. Industry executives expect data volumes to increase by as much as 500% over the next two years. The challenge: manufacturers are only using a small portion of the data they generate, with the vast majority never being touched. One big reason? The presence of functional silos.

Getting full value from your data requires a strong digital operations foundation. That’s where West Monroe's digital operations management comes in. 

What is digital operations management?

We put structure around the process of building core capabilities for connecting data and business decisions and improving operational performance. Our undeniably different approach focuses on establishing essential building blocks of a digital factory: 

  • Connecting information and operational technology data sources  
  • Establishing a standard Industrial IoT architecture that connects assets so you can gather and use relevant data 
  • Creating a digital view into production systems and data 
  • Fostering a cybersecure environment from the shop floor to the back office   
  • Developing and enhancing data acumen and predictive analytics capabilities 

With greater, real-time visibility into financial and operational performance, your organization can make better, timelier decisions – and quantifiable impact will soon follow. 

Results You Can Expect

  • Increase efficiency and productivity 

  • Reduce costs 

  • Decrease unplanned maintenance 

  • Increase asset utilization, uptime, and throughput 

  • Grow revenue 

  • Improve quality 

What We Offer

Assess current information technology and operational technology  

Where do you stand today? What changes are necessary to achieve your goals? How are you performing compared to competitors? We’ll help you answer those questions. Our rapid yet comprehensive IT/OT assessment uses established tools and multiple perspectives to look at current integration, determine digital maturity, and validate and quantify improvement opportunities. The bottom line: In just a month or two, you’ll have a better picture of the value your company can realize through digital operations—and the path to realizing it. 

Chart your road map toward efficient digital operations 

What will you need to do to realize the value of digital operations? Where should you take action first? With insight from our assessment, we’ll work together to chart a prudent but accelerated course. Our digital operations management team will refine value creation opportunities and identify a lighthouse facility for experimenting with change and new operational technology, learning from these use cases, and demonstrating the greater potential. Based on the results, we’ll help you prioritize investments for the road ahead, scale your operations, and capture quantifiable value.   

Realize the value of digital operations management 

How can you get to maximum value fastest? We’re ready to help your organization to identify opportunities and apply learnings from early initiatives, scale successful initiatives across assets, engage stakeholders across functions, and measure the value as it grows. Along the way, we’ll bring proven capabilities in change management, Integrated Operations Management (IOM), and training strategy—ensuring roles from the shop floor to the executive suite can use operational data to optimize performance. 

Using your data to its fullest potential can be overwhelming. Let West Monroe’s experienced digital operations management consulting team help you utilize it to improve your business. 

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