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Accelerating Galloway’s ERP implementation by 94%

Accelerating Galloway’s ERP implementation by 94%
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Our Impact

Galloway, a concentrated fluid milk manufacturer based in the Midwest, needed to digitize its aging infrastructure to become a facility of the future. This endeavor required a multi-pronged approach that leveraged expertise in digital operations management, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure. 

West Monroe integrated itself within the Galloway team to help fully build their technology roadmap and strategy. During the engagement, we were able to identify critical business systems gaps and provide recommendations that aligned with their customer and employee-first mentality, allowing leadership to focus on growth.  

Our team was involved at every level in the company, enabling us to see their challenges throughout the entire manufacturing process, starting from incoming raw materials through shipment to the end customer. Our work resulted in improved digital implementation capabilities, a comprehensive strategic roadmap, and savings for both security and operations. 


faster ERP system implementation on the plant floor


annual cybersecurity cost savings


of workforce equipped with digital collaboration tools

The Full Story

The Challenge

Galloway struggled with IT infrastructure and operational processes that were rooted in analog and manual frameworks. As a family-run business that cares deeply about their customer and employee experience, a top priority was establishing secure digital processes to enable growth without compromising operational efficiency.

Galloway was dealing with disconnected systems and overly manual processes that were leading to time-consuming and duplicative work. What’s more, legacy systems weren’t able to provide the data necessary to create organization-wide efficiencies. They also needed IT leadership to enable them to become a modern facility. That’s where West Monroe came in. 

An Undeniably Different Approach

It was important that we embraced and embodied Galloway’s close-knit culture. We worked with employees from every department, starting on the plant floor and up to the leadership team. We were able to get an in-depth look at their present state, including current systems, information flow, and remote work capabilities. 

Blending of our two teams accelerated the speed at which were able to help them implement new systems. Galloway’s top priority has always been customer and employee experience, meaning technology updates sometimes took a back seat. Together, we onboarded two of three manufacturing departments in 10 months to the new ERP system—a process that our partnership helped to accelerate by 94%. We were able to have some fun along the way, too: We held a retirement party for their outgoing 30+-year-old ERP system and presented its own “David Letterman” Top 10 moments. 

Our day-to-day integration with their team also allowed us to provide value in other areas of the business. We saw that they relied on outdated and unsupported collaboration tools that were creating significant inefficiencies and posing potential safety risks. To address this, we helped lay the groundwork for digital collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. 

We also made sure Galloway was set up to succeed after we left. We helped hire an IT director, develop an IT roadmap and strategy, and set the foundation for a future warehouse management system. 

Real Results

Galloway is now a much more digitally enabled and secure company—with a roadmap to become more digital. They are executing on a roadmap that will help them become a facility of the future while maintaining their reputation as an industry leader in innovative engineering. Additionally, this digital foundation allows Galloway to continue providing best-in-class customer service and concentrated fluid milk products that garner pride from their employees and their community.

We helped them achieve their goal of ensuring optimal product quality by conducting a data-driven analysis of operational processes and making business system recommendations to transition to a digital operations model that allow for operational efficiencies and growth. 

This new digital operating model will lower their cybersecurity profile—drastically decreasing their annual insurance costs.

We also helped Galloway better use digital to enhance business capabilities. Some enhancements included:

  • Digital tools that facilitate collaboration and working remotely
  • Data infrastructure that ensures product quality and inventory visibility
  • A robust IT and business governance structure

Project Timeline

Inventory foundation implementation
Digital workplace strategy and implementation
ERP integration and onboarding
IT roadmap execution and governance

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