Digital Workplace

Accelerate your productivity. Create a distributed enterprise that connects employees, customers, and business partners to further innovation and collaboration.

Digital isn’t just about technology; it’s about people. People working in new ways to engage customers and create market advantage. A modern digital workplace unlocks productivity, innovation, and success in the digital economy.

That’s where we can help.

Today’s organizations are increasingly becoming distributed enterprises, with locations, employees, and data across the globe. We’ve worked with leading organizations to equip their employees for accelerated transformation and craft the ideal employee experience—and we can help you too. So you can take advantage of modern digital workplace strategies and tools to connect employees, customers, and business partners, and drive innovation, success, and collaboration.

Winning in the marketplace is not just about amassing a dream team comprised of star talent. It’s about transforming current employees into superstars. How? By cultivating a culture of employee engagement, intentionally designing employee journeys, and empowering them with digital tools to thrive. Your employees are at the center of digital transformation, leading the conversation with customers and delivering innovations that keep your business ahead. Together, we can make sure they do.

Results You Can Expect

  • Higher employee engagement (54% lift in job satisfaction) leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Increases in employee self-service and digital enablement
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Reduction in support calls due to efficient workforce (reduced IT calls by 37%)
  • Digital technology that enables field/management employees to easily access information
  • By improving just two processes, a client saved 17,000 hours of time and reassigned 5% of its workforce to higher-value tasks
  • Cost savings with the ability to support remote work, reduction in travel, and office costs

What We Offer

Develop a digital workplace strategy focused on collaboration, tailored to your business goals

Your organization is unique—and your digital strategy should be too. That’s why we partner with you to create exactly what you need to achieve your business goals. Our approach? Focusing on cross-functional collaborations that unlock innovations. Making your digital workplace adaptive, scaling to meet the needs of full remote to in-office work, to everything in between So you can stay a step ahead of competitors and drive results.

Digital experiences—no office required

A digital workplace isn’t always a desk and a monitor. Many employees are in the field, on the go, or working remotely. We can help you create opportunities for them to collaborate, enhance self-service, strengthen the culture, and provide better support to your customers. So they can succeed—and thrive. Bring your digital workplace to life with technology. Whether you want to communicate, collaborate, automate processes, gather insights from self-service, or innovate faster—we have the technical depth required. Our expertise spans Office 365, Microsoft Teams, conversational interfaces, PowerBI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Azure.

Design a user experience to engage and motivate employees

How do we create more motivating and engaging employee experiences? We start by asking them. Drawing from interviews across the organization, we combine insights and personas with user experience (UX) principles to create experiences across distributed enterprises that make work easier and more enjoyable. Because employees themselves have helped develop the solution, they’re even more likely to adopt and run with it. Motivated, productive employees mean greater value for customers.

Promote adoption and create a change that sticks

Managing change is one of the most crucial parts of any digital initiative. That’s why, when we build digital workplaces, we emphasize change management and adoption right from the start, focusing on the four C’s: Clarity, Curiosity, Conclusions, and Culture. Bottom line? Changes in processes are only as successful as the people using them. So it’s vital to set people up for success.

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