Patrick Stephens

Patrick Stephens

Director Marketing, Sales & Service New York


Patrick brings 20 years of CRM experience to his clients, allowing him to drive value in complex technical environments by building integration frameworks that reduce maintenance, simplify administration, facilitate growth, and improve productivity.

He has designed and implemented enterprise-wide systems for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 10 and Fortune 50 companies to national and global enterprise-level corporations, non-profits, and regional businesses. Patrick believes that technology shouldn't limit the business; it should enable the business to grow.

He offers a deep understanding of enterprise-wide solutions across a variety of industries, from healthcare to software, from manufacturing to retail. He excels at integrating complex and disparate enterprise systems with to provide businesses with a true 360-degree customer view and complete data life-cycle management.

Patrick has been with West Monroe since 2011 and has a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University.

What makes Patrick different

Patrick’s ability to translate technical concepts and communicate them with non-technical audiences is no coincidence. A theater major who loves to travel and write fiction, communication is at the heart of what Patrick does. He is married with three children and lives in Hudson Valley, New York.

Where Patrick makes an impact

Creating a united team is important to Patrick, and he works hard to ensure that everyone has an active and meaningful role to play in all aspects of delivery, from design to go-live.

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