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2024 Outlook: The Future of the Healthcare Industry

Advanced analytics and AI will take center stage in 2024 while leaders navigate costs, harness data for revenue, and strategize M&A for sustainable growth

2024 Outlook: The Future of the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is confronting significant cost pressures heading into 2024.

Our healthcare industry trends report will cover three key areas for the industry in 2024. Each section of the report will focus on one of these areas, offering insights and projections for the future of the healthcare industry.

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Embracing advanced analytics and the future of AI in healthcare

As healthcare organizations explore the potential of generative AI, foundational knowledge in data analytics is becoming increasingly crucial. Leaders must prioritize investments in data infrastructure to harness the full potential of AI, moving from experimentation to use cases that transform their operations.

Tackling the challenging cost environment

Healthcare leaders are navigating a difficult cost landscape, but opportunities like generating value from data are emerging as potential solutions to drive revenue amid challenges from increasing labor and technology expenses. Embracing a culture of digital transformation could lead to long-term cost savings and position healthcare institutions as future industry leaders.

Navigating the evolving dealmaking landscape

The healthcare M&A landscape is active, with private equity and strategic buyers influencing the direction of deals. A focus on mature, profitable businesses will be key to successful deals and long-term growth in the current inflationary environment. 
2024 Outlook: The Future of the Healthcare Industry

2024 Outlook: The Future of the Healthcare Industry

The challenges, trends, and actions that will define the year in healthcare. Download our 2024 Outlook.

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