2022 Inclusion & Diversity Report

Putting inclusion in action

A Joint Letter from our CEO and I&D Lead

In 2021, West Monroe made a notable shift in our approach to inclusion and diversity (I&D). We committed to putting I&D in action and driving measurable change. 

When the two of us began working together in 2021, we decided that this journey requires I&D to be front and center every day—and so it was, as the top item on the 2021 virtual CEO whiteboard. In 2021, West Monroe hired and established a dedicated I&D team, created a new I&D Governing Body, formalized our strategy, and listened to and took to heart what colleagues think. Some of the feedback was not easy to hear. But it motivated us all the more to be better and to take action.

As a result, we:

Challenged our capacity for change. 

We know West Monroe cannot recruit its way into being a diverse organization. Retention is key, and for that we must continue to root out bias and inequity. So, we began asking tough questions, such as, “Is it necessary to require a diverse slate of candidates for open positions?” For West Monroe, this is now required in our hiring practices. 

Increased cultural competence. 

We do this through through training, listening sessions, and employee resource group (ERG) activities. Fostered inclusive leadership. One of the areas where we collaborated most closely was in taking our entire executive leadership team through Korn Ferry’s six-month Inclusive Leadership program—opening our eyes to areas of strength and opportunity when it comes to leading inclusively. 

Prioritized accountability. 

Ultimately, we want I&D to be an embedded part of who we are and how we work at West Monroe. That means taking steps to hold our leaders accountable through our performance management process. These haven’t been easy actions, but they didn’t materialize from a blank slate. Several years of very intentional work set the stage for our efforts.  

2022 Inclusion & Diversity Report

2022 Inclusion & Diversity Report

See how we’re tracking progress toward people representation goals and putting inclusivity in action.

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