Black Employee Network

West Monroe's Black Employee Network (BEN) celebrates the heritage and supports the career development of all employees of the African diaspora, including those of African-American, Caribbean, and mixed-race backgrounds

Black Employee Network
BEN's Mission

BEN's Mission

The mission of the Black Employees Network (BEN) is to foster inclusion at West Monroe through the thoughtful acquisition, retention, and growth of Black talent, the curation of culturally relevant events and thought-ware that explore the career experiences of Black employees, the creation of a supportive career network of Black employees and allies, and the building the next generation of leaders that represent a diverse marketplace.

Leaders and members of West Monroe’s Black Employee Network (BEN) reflect on their first year as an employee resource group

BEN's Pillars of Excellence


Create a supportive community of Black employees and allies to assist new & existing employees find their “in.”


Increase firm competitiveness by increasing, retaining, and developing the number of new and existing full-time diverse hires while increasing career equity.


Curate forums that allow employees to learn and discuss cultural, social, and career related topics through the unique lens of Black employees.


Develop firmwide social and cultural events that are culturally relevant and inclusive.

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