Feb. 25, 2022 | Video

Be Undeniably Bold: How to Grow Your Career By Embracing Risk

Be Undeniably Bold: How to Grow Your Career By Embracing Risk

Taking risks in the workplace can seem daunting, but they can be essential to advance your career. With development resources and a supportive work environment, you can learn to embrace growth opportunities and achieve your career goals.  

West Monroe is on a mission to build the next generation of leaders by providing talent with opportunities to grow in a career they love. Hear this inspirational yet practical discussion with leaders from West Monroe to learn:  

  • Strategies to develop your authentic leadership style  
  • How to grow your career by embracing risks such as changing roles, taking on stretch assignments, or learning a new skill  
  • How to forge a career path as unique as you are  

Panelists will also share how West Monroe's ongoing career development opportunities can benefit you and help you excel in your career. You'll hear directly from West Monroe employees about how they've climbed the ladder and built successful careers within the company. 

Featured West Monroe Panelists:  

  • Senior Manager - Carol Marr 
  • Principal - Bethany Zeigler 
  • Manager – Mary Bryan
  • Manager - Julie Prizer 

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