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Fun, rewarding, and transformative: Former West Monroe interns share their journey to professional success

West Monroe’s award-winning internship program allows students a hands-on experience setting the stage for professional growth—take it from the interns themselves

Fun, rewarding, and transformative: Former West Monroe interns share their journey to professional success

Summer internships provide students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in their intended career path. For many students, this experience solidifies their desire to pursue a particular industry and/or company and helps determine their initial career path. 

West Monroe’s award-winning internship program continues to be a cornerstone for our growing campus class each year—so we sat down with a few of our former interns to understand the impact the internship program had on their career and how they’ve navigated their roles since joining the firm in a full-time role. 

When considering internships, it’s important to consider both short-term and long-term career goals. While your experience as a campus intern might seem like a fun way to spend the summer, it has the ability to launch the trajectory of your career and lay a valuable foundation for your entry to the workforce.

I interned with West Monroe 10 years ago and haven’t looked back! One of the biggest lasting lessons that I continue to carry with me is being open to new experiences. When I joined the firm, we were only 350 people strong. Because of that, we all had to wear many hats. While we are a much bigger firm now, our entrepreneurial spirit is still very much a core thread in our cultural fabric. While sometimes overwhelming to “wear multiple hats,” I realize that being open to different experiences that I expect or have envisioned for myself is what has also “kept me young” at West Monroe—and helps me continue to grow and learn every day.” – Hattie Winter (Senior Manager, Resource & Practice Operations)  

The defining factor that solidified my decision to work at West Monroe was the opportunity for personal and professional growth in a supportive, people-first environment. As I look back with two years of full-time experience under my belt, I'm appreciative of the assurance and foundation laid during my internship. It equipped me with technical experience, project exposure, and invaluable guidance from mentors who continue to support my growth today.” – Annie Reilly (Experienced Consultant, Data Engineering & Analytics)

An internship is a period of learning. You’re not expected to have all the skills to succeed on the job from Day 1; instead, you’re a sponge for all the knowledge you’ll absorb simply from immersing yourself in your role. These skills acquired during your internship will continue to be instrumental throughout your career.

I am a senior software engineer who works on developing software for a variety of industries. I’m currently building the Java Spring Boot backend of a car rental customer shopping experience for one of our clients. Just as I did during my internship years ago, I’m working with a large team of fellow developers and a project manager alongside client resources. I learned then how to communicate technical challenges with the rest of the team and come up with potential solutions to consider, and I continue to do so whenever I encounter obstacles in my current work."Fatima Azfar (Senior Software Engineer, Technology) 

I’m a software architect on Intellio Connect, an in-house software accelerator that resides within West Monroe’s Intellio suite. My internship instilled in me a consistent drive to learn more about technology, client, and industry issues—and how we West Monroe do business. As a result, I have been able to learn about—and drive—all aspects of running a digital product: building, maintaining, and selling." – Daniel Boulos (Architect, Engineering)

Our former interns who have grown into leadership roles all recognize the importance of investing in entry level talent. The experiences of being mentored during their early days has left such a strong impact that many of our former interns seek opportunities to be involved in programming to provide the same level of support to our next generation of leaders.

"One of the most important things about working with each year’s intern class is the opportunity to invest in, encourage, and support them as they navigate the transition from college to full-time careers. I especially enjoy sharing experiences from my intern journey to try and ease any nerves they might feel while interning at West Monroe and considering life after college." – Daniel Boulos (Architect, Engineering) 

I (seek out opportunities) to work with interns every chance I get because I remember how people made me feel supported and valued during my internship, and I want to ensure I can pass that feeling on.” – Chirag Jain (Consultant, Healthcare & Lifesciences) 

When I returned to West Monroe full time, I wanted to be involved in the internship program to provide (future classes) the same warm welcome and support I received as an intern. For the past two years, I have been the onboarding liaison for my practice, ensuring a smooth onboarding so interns feel welcomed and integrated, planning firm-wide events, and ensuring our interns have access to our firm leaders. This role has been rewarding because I distinctly remember how impactful the folks serving in this role were to my experience back when I was an intern.” – Annie Reilly (Experienced Consultant, Data Engineering & Analytics)

Interns who feel valued and can see the impact of their work feel a strong connection to the company and leave the summer feeling excited to return to launch their full-time career.

I learned so much during my internship because I was treated like a full-time member of the team from Day 1. While that was scary at times given the amount I needed to learn, I walked out of that internship with this: ‘Always seek to keep learning.’ It’s how you can overcome the fear of the unknown and propel your career to heights you never thought possible."Daniel Boulos (Architect, Engineering)  

One thing that stood out during my internship was my colleagues' willingness to help and support. This has been a lasting lesson that I have carried with me and has helped me succeed during my full-time employment.” – Annie Reilly (Experienced Consultant, Data Engineering & Analytics)

A West Monroe internship is a great opportunity for holistic growth—with some fun mixed in along the way. Beyond the enjoyable projects and dynamic atmosphere, our internships serve as a compass for charting your professional course. Through hands-on experiences, collaboration with experts, and immersion in corporate culture, interns not only uncover their career preferences but also crystallize their personal values. 

West Monroe internships illuminate the path forward, guiding interns toward a future aligned with their passions, goals, and ideals, making them an invaluable stepping stone in personal and professional fulfillment.

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