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Jessica Rich's Transformative Journey through West Monroe's Fischer Fellowship Program

Jessica Rich's Transformative Journey through West Monroe's Fischer Fellowship Program

Jessica Rich, a resource manager in our Customer Solutions practice, recently returned from a journey of service and discovery. She dedicated six months of her career to the transformative Fischer Global Service Fellowship Program. This program, which marries the spirit of volunteerism with professional development, was a compelling reason for Jessica to join West Monroe. With a rich background in the nonprofit sector and a lifelong passion for giving back, Jessica seized this unique opportunity to make a difference, proving that at West Monroe, we don't just work for the community. We're part of it. 

A passion for giving back

Jessica's dedication to community service is not a recent development but a deeply ingrained part of her identity that took root in her middle school years and has blossomed ever since. Prior to joining West Monroe, Jessica devoted her skills and energy to a nonprofit organization and further honed her commitment to service during a two-year stint with AmeriCorps. Here, she played a pivotal role in an early literacy program for New York City schools, directly impacting the lives of countless students. 

When she discovered the Fischer Global Service Fellowship program during her interview process at West Monroe and its unwavering dedication to community service, it was like finding a piece of a puzzle that fit perfectly. This was a company that didn't just talk about values—it lived them. 

"West Monroe cares about communities and wants to give back," she said. 

This alignment of values was more than just a pleasant coincidence; it was a sign that she had found a professional home where her passion for service would be celebrated and nurtured.

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A transformative experience in Singapore

Jessica chose to work with the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) in Singapore, the leading women's rights organization in the country. Having previously never travelled father than Europe, she was drawn to Asia for its potential to push her out of her comfort zone and to Singapore specifically for its known safety and English-speaking environment. 

In partnership with AWARE’s Director, Operations, Jessica took on many operational projects at AWARE with immense pride and devotion. She supported the creation of a standardized onboarding process for new hires, a task that required her to gain a deep understanding of the organization and its culture, while drawing from her past experiences with improving onboarding and employee engagement in the US. But the work didn't stop there. With a keen eye for detail and a strong commitment to improving employee experience, Jessica undertook the monumental task of revamping the employee handbook including reorganizing the content for ease of use and helping the team review their benefits. 

Her efforts didn't end there. Jessica along with the Director, Operations, recognized a need for effective goal setting within the organization. Jessica helped develop a training session that equipped employees with the skills to set and achieve meaningful professional goals. Additionally, she created valuable guides for performance management and recruitment processes, further streamlining AWARE’s operations. 

Creating a lasting impact

Jessica's tenure at AWARE has left an indelible mark on the organization. The innovative onboarding process she developed has been met with resounding approval. New hires now enter the organization feeling well-prepared and confident, a testament to the effectiveness of Jessica's work. The process guides she crafted have helped to streamline operations and lighten the load on the internal team. These operational improvements have allowed staff to maintain focus on AWARE’s core mission: to remove all gender-based barriers to allow women in Singapore to develop their potential to the fullest and realize their personal visions and hopes. 

Jessica's journey with AWARE has been a mutually enriching experience. The organization benefited from her operational expertise and relentless commitment, while Jessica gained invaluable insights into global nonprofit practices and had the opportunity to contribute to a cause close to her heart alongside the passionate and dedicated women of AWARE, in which she learned a great deal from. This experience has undoubtedly broadened her professional horizons and deepened her personal growth. 

Her fellowship may have ended, but Jessica's support for AWARE is strong. She recently made updates to the employee handbook, incorporating final policy updates from the organization. The positive responses she's received regarding the useability of the handbook are a testament to her enduring impact.  

A life-changing experience 

Reflecting on her experience, Jessica shares that the fellowship has expanded her worldview and built her cultural competency. She had the opportunity to travel to nine different countries around Asia and Australia, interact with different cultures and languages, and meet people from around the world.

Honestly, it just changed my life. I really do feel like I have a different perspective on the world going through this and coming back.


The Fischer Global Service Fellowship Program at West Monroe continues to provide employees like Jessica with opportunities to make a difference in communities around the world, aligning with the company's commitment to giving back and creating positive change.

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