Pan-Asian Network

West Monroe’s Pan-Asian Network celebrates the rich cultural culture of our Pan-Asian employees while supporting their professional development and career growth

Pan-Asian Network

Pan-Asian Network (PAN)’s mission is to bring awareness and understanding to the diversity of Pan-Asian cultures and values. We want to support the acquisition, retention, and growth of Pan-Asian talent; promote dialogue to improve inclusiveness and address biases in professional development and career advancement; and establish a professional support network of members and allies to grow the next generation of Pan-Asian leaders at the firm.

Our Focus Areas

Pan-Asian means “across Asia” (i.e., East, South, Southeast, Central, and mixed-race backgrounds), as reflected by the map in the PAN logo. PAN empowers our members through four major initiative areas: community, career, awareness, and fellowship. 



Create a supportive community of Pan-Asian employees and allies to foster community and inclusion


Align with West Monroe’s strategic goals by increasing, retaining, developing, and growing Pan-Asian talent


Curate forums that allow employees to learn and discuss cultural, social, and career-related topics through the perspective of Pan-Asian employees


Develop firmwide social and cultural events that are unique to the Pan-Asian community

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