Interfaith works to transform West Monroe into a community that is inclusive and representative of the diversity of faith-based beliefs of our employees


Interfaith celebrates the various faith-based beliefs represented across West Monroe, while increasing awareness, understanding, and accommodation within the firm. The practice of faith, whether visible or invisible, plays an important role in the lives of some of our employees and can impact how they are received by others. Interfaith encourages this work through four different focus areas: awareness, accommodations, acquisition, and advancement.  


We seek to develop awareness within West Monroe of the variety of faiths and related cultures in the world and our community, through actions like knowledge sharing sessions and cultural celebrations.


We advocate for the availability of accommodations for religious or related cultural observances in the communities and spaces we occupy,​ such as prayer rooms in every office.


We support the expansion of our talent acquisition pipeline of talent to attract intersectional talent and support our inclusive recruiting efforts by partnering with faith-based student and professional organizations.


We foster the professional and personal advancement of our members and our wider communities by fostering cross practice and national leadership opportunities to grow the next generation of leaders.

We asked Interfaith members and allies to tell us why an ERG celebrating faith-based beliefs is important to them and to the firm.  

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