somos west monroe


SOMOS means “we are". SOMOS provides representation, advocacy, and a safe space for Hispanic and Latin American employees to lead and thrive within West Monroe and our local communities.


SOMOS’s mission is to grow the next generation of Hispanic and Latin American leaders by promoting inclusion and diversity through acquisition, retention, and development of talent with similar backgrounds, while bringing our whole selves to work. Through SOMOS, we elevate the voices of our Hispanic and Latin American employees to engage all at West Monroe and learn from the diversity of cultures and experiences that make up our communities. 


We increase visibility of Hispanic and Latin American talent within West Monroe. Representation matters, but without the right exposure, organizations can’t reach their full potential. We maximize the group’s reach and in turn support all the other SOMOS initiatives. 


We connect Hispanic and Latin  American employees for mutual support, advocacy, and mentorship. We also connect our West Monroe community with Hispanic and Latin American businesses and organizations.

Talent Acquisition

We help attract Hispanic and Latin American talent  and increase representation of diverse voices and perspectives at all levels. Our members and allies will represent and promote West Monroe within our professional networks and act as partners for talent teams at local and national levels.


We engage with Hispanic and Latin American professional networks in each of our local markets to promote the professional development of our people while increasing our brand and name recognition among a growing group of Hispanic and Latin American business leaders.

Who We Are

We use “Hispanic” and “Latin American” to represent the demographic identifiers (Hispanic) and the nationality (Latin American) that some of us share. We chose the name SOMOS to further celebrate who we are through shared identities, though we may self-identify in different ways (whether Hispanic, Latin American, Latino, Latina, Latine, Latinx, or Latinidad).  

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