Software Platform Consolidation & Strategy

Your growth goals depend on a winning platform strategy – but also the ability to deliver it by accelerating consolidation. We can make that happen.

Acquire a new software business and need to integrate platforms? We’ve been there, done that. 

Acquisitions of software platforms are happening at a faster rate than ever before. But our recent research shows that many firms struggle with determining the degree of integration that is required following a merger or acquisition, not to mention executing on it. 

Success depends on making the right strategic decisions about how to consolidate acquired platforms. That requires knowing which customer segments to target with which platforms in order to maximize growth potential. And understanding the functional and technical fit of platforms with target segments. That’s where we come in - with expertise in developing software consolidation strategy frameworks.

Every year, we help dozens of software executives, private equity firms, and their teams create winning software consolidation strategies that position their platforms for growth, accelerate consolidation, and meet financial and customer goals. Our undeniably different approach to platform strategy is grounded in our multidisciplinary perspective – with strong industry experience, as well as deep technology acumen, and functional expertise in areas such as human capital, cybersecurity, and customer experience. It’s a combination that has created value for more than 150 software, hardware and tech-led services businesses and 75 leading private equity investors.

Results You Can Expect

  • Achieve EBITDA expansion goals - faster
  • Optimize product and operating costs 
  • Mitigation customer migration risks and manage churn

What We Offer

Develop a comprehensive understanding of markets and capabilities

We start by producing comprehensive insight about your market and current capabilities so that we can make informed platform consolidation recommendations as part of your product strategy.

Leveraging deep industry and technology expertise – including perspective gained from performing more than 200 commercial software assessments per year – we look at your potential through four lenses:

  • Market opportunity – we size strategic opportunities to pursue current segments
  • Customer/product fit – we identify the product and organizational capabilities you will need to capitalize on new opportunities
  • Technology capabilities – our team of software engineers, cloud and infrastructure architects, data analytics and AI/ML experts, and product delivery specialists provides technical architecture recommendations
  • Operational alignment – we determine how best to transition your operating model and customer base to a future platform

Define the optimal future platform strategy

How will you position your product portfolio for success? Using the insight from our assessment, we work with your teams to build consensus around a future  platform strategy for your targeted markets. Our software consolidation strategy design approach outlines:

  • Technology architecture and the future-state platform 
  • Feature prioritization and scrubbing backlog
  • Customer migration priorities and plan
  • Functional priorities for the target customer segments
  • Implications for your operating model including GTM, Product Management, Engineering, Service Delivery
  • Projected revenue growth
  • Cost margin profile that considers the five main cost drivers: R&D labor, architecture, cloud process, infrastructure, and service delivery

Execute platform consolidation – fast and efficiently

A platform consolidation strategy is only as good as the value it ultimately delivers. So, we help you move quickly to execute the software platform strategy, with support for areas such as:

  • Detailed financial planning 
  • Management of customer migration complexity, risks, and considerations
  • Comprehensive planning and road maps for execution and technology architecture
  • Platform development and program execution 
  • Organization design and change management

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