Data-Powered Revenue Operations

We build revenue operations for the fast-moving XaaS world. For our clients, that doesn’t just mean growth. It’s a competitive edge fueling real market advantages.

Software executives count on revenue operations—“RevOps”—to unlock value. But to accomplish that, they first need to understand what RevOps really means. In a recent study, only 41% were confident in their knowledge of the concept—a real disconnect. That’s where we come in. 

Through our work with many B2B software organizations and as-a-service (XaaS) models, we’ve developed a clear view on how to deliver real business impact through RevOps. And we’ve translated that into a different approach: 

  • We emphasize coordination through every step of the customer journey—from marketing and sales to professional services, customer success, and renewals. 
  • We understand that impact requires real change at the operations level—not just in the front office. 
  • We know that organizations that are digital perform better. We help build an agile, digital RevOps model—using data and insight to drive desired outcomes, even as your market evolves. 

That last point is where our approach stands out. Our proprietary analytics capabilities produce diagnostic insights into revenue performance that no other partner can. In just six to eight weeks, you’ll see a clear path to faster growth that will keep you ahead of the competition. But we won’t just hand off a plan; our team will be with you every step of the way in tackling tough operational changes—making change stick so you maximize the impact.  

Get a unique view into your revenue operations

Our solutions harness the power of Intellio® DataOps, our proprietary tool that finds and ingests data quickly from many sources and prepares it for analysis. The result: rapid, action-ready revenue insight to guide RevOps transformation.

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Results You Can Expect 

  • Accelerate velocity of the revenue lifecycle 
  • Increase win rates 
  • Increase upsell and cross-sell rates 
  • Retain more customers 
  • Reduce go-to-market expenses by as much as 30% 

What We Offer

See where you stand—and how you can drive better results 

Our proprietary diagnostic includes three distinctive analyses. Together, these provide a comprehensive window into your revenue lifecycle: 

  • Net retention analytics assess drivers of annual recurring revenue (ARR) performance such as churn, gross retention, and net retention. With Intellio® DataOps, we can conduct fast, iterative analyses using models built by our data scientists. In just weeks, you’ll see how revenue moves and understand the effectiveness of current growth levers. 
  • Revenue efficiency analytics measure how efficiently you generate ARR and the return on your go-to-market investments—looking at key metrics such as lifetime value (LTV) and customer acquisition (CAC), retention (CRC), and expansion (CEC) ratios. This view into your go-to-market efficiency helps you prioritize and allocate future investment to yield the highest top-line return. 
  • Operational analytics consider the metrics critical to your business and revenue lifecycle such as sales cycle times, time to value, and pricing/quoting automation. This deep dive into your processes surfaces opportunities into the operational levers you can pull to get customers through the revenue cycle faster and more efficiently. 

Make your move toward digital revenue operations—with experienced support 

Armed with analysis and extensive knowledge of revenue operations—including the advantages of a digital operating model—we’ll work together to prioritize, plan, and deliver key initiatives. This includes:  

  • Systems and data so that you can develop a single, consistent customer view across the journey and use dashboards to manage RevOps going forward 
  • Processes, employing automation to accelerate lead-to-cash cycles and deliver a compelling experience even as your installed base grows 
  • Organization to establish clear roles and responsibilities and strong coordination—allowing your revenue operations to move faster and more effectively 

Build on the impact—continuously 

We help you capture the quick wins—but also the longer-term strategic opportunities to make RevOps a true competitive advantage. Our approach emphasizes agile, iterative, rapid enhancements that allow you test and learn, keep pace with your continuously changing market, and build on success over time. 

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