Customer Service & Success Innovation for Software

Driving growth and retention means adopting a customer-first mindset across all touchpoints, from sale to renewal. Our approach delivers undeniable results.

Reinvent your software company’s customer-facing business functions—from sale to renewal.

As the market moves toward SaaS and subscription models, customer retention becomes ever more critical to growth and valuation. Software companies must reinvent their customer-facing business functions to engage customers appropriately at all parts of the lifecycle – from sale to renewal – while also carefully managing the costs of doing so. That’s where we come in. 

We work with executive leaders, operating teams and investors to deliver a high-quality, customer-first experience at scale – one that drives engagement, adoption, satisfaction, and ultimately retention, while also meeting financial goals.  

We offer an undeniably different approach to customer engagement – a product of the multidisciplinary perspective we bring to every new client challenge, our depth of expertise in disciplines such as customer experience, customer success, and technology assessments. It’s an approach that has created operational and financial value for more than 150 software companies and 75 technology investors.

Results You Can Expect 

  • Fuel growth through increased net retention and expanded customer relationships  
  • Reduce churn 
  • Increase revenue predictability 
  • Increase customer lifetime value 
  • Increase sales efficiency and reduce the cost to renew and expand customer relationships 
  • Reduce professional services and customer support costs as a percent of revenue

What We Offer

Design the optimal customer experience 

Every customer journey has particular “moments that matter” – touchpoints that you must get right in order to drive renewal and other desired outcomes – overall and in specific segments – precisely at those moments.

Determine the right operating model for delivering the experience 

Many different functions and roles – sales and marketing, product, services, account management, customer success, support, and renewals, as well as channel partners – touch the customer experience. Collectively, these comprise an operating model that must run as a well-oiled machine to engage customers throughout the lifecycle.  

We help you define roles and optimal coverage ratios and organize teams around your desired customer journey – providing impact at the moments that matter, while doing so efficiently. Our change management and organization design experts can provide experienced support for establishing new ways of working.

Define the metrics and economics required to manage engagement 

As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. We assess current financial and performance metrics and identify additional metrics required for managing customer success and other post-sale functions. We can help establish capabilities for identifying and analyzing the leading indicators of churn and retention, understanding the return on investment of customer engagement and success strategies, and predicting the future economics of your engagement model.

Create digital capabilities that can engage customers at scale 

Moving to a model of continuous customer engagement and service involves more touchpoints. This will quickly strain your resources if not designed carefully. We will help you plan for engaging customers across the lifecycle, designing highly effective digital products and experiences that enable sales, implementation, services, support, and other functions while keeping costs low. We also make sure you are capturing and analyzing customer data to drive effective engagement – continuously.

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