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We create winning strategies, products, and experiences for the digital age.

We take a step back from high-risk all or nothing product development. And we embrace an iterative, work-in-progress, user-obsessed mindset favored by the world’s most successful digital businesses.


Our secret? West Monroe's Product & Experience Lab. We are thinkers and makers. We create industry-leading strategies for the digital ageand we imagine, design, and build products and experiences that people love. 

Our team of strategy, creative, and technology experts combines strategy, collaborative design methods, and firsthand user research to bring remarkable experiences to life—and to help clients build their own muscle to drive future innovation from within. So you can become a digital organization—and create experiences that, for customers and employees alike, make a real impact.

What We Do in Products & Experiences

Bring digital ideas to life with product innovation

Maintaining digital product development capabilities can be a struggle, no matter the size of your business. Talent gaps, governance issues, and competition for resources all make it hard to create digital products and get innovations off the ground at all, let alone rapidly. Our Product & Experience Lab leads multidisciplinary teams who have the experience and perspective you need to do more, faster—innovation at the speed of a startup.

Discover more efficient ways to find, attract, and retain customers

We help businesses understand and expand their audience, through channels and messages that make the most impact. Our swift, strategic test-and-learn initiatives can help you optimize how you communicate your value, who you target, and where you should spend.

Jumpstart innovation through a custom-built company

No bandwidth? No problem. When you don’t have the time or the people to go after innovation, we provide a shared risk/reward model to create a new-growth platform outside the core business. Our Product & Experience Lab can create something new, and strengthen capabilities or culture from outside your organization to get things moving faster, and then, once developed, integrate it back into your company.

Shift from project management to digital product management

Building software and creating digital product management capabilities is key if you want to compete—and you need the right operations and people to support the shift. In order to transition to a product-centric model, we look at your organization (alignment, structure, vision), product management, and software development life cycles, so we can determine the highest impact initiatives. Together we can make change happen.

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