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A new digital scheduling experience increases online bookings by 2.5 times

As the familiar saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

In the competitive world of eyecare, prospective patients have many choices. Learn how our work is delivering that all-important first impression—and driving tangible results.

As the familiar saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
A new digital scheduling experience increases online bookings by 2.5 times


increase in appointments booked online led to an increase in customer satisfaction


increase in patients completing onboarding steps before an appointment—reflecting increased customer satisfaction 


locations operating on the new scheduling system within 8 months, leading to fast results 

The Challenge

MyEyeDr. has grown exponentially—but maintaining that trajectory depends on a positive patient experience. The third-party scheduling system was of particular concern. In addition to having user experience issues, it provided little insight into when or why patients dropped off during scheduling.

Having full control over the scheduling experience required a custom solution. MyEyeDr. knew we had a deep understanding of the business and challenge—and would deliver a differentiated digital patient experience that consumers love.

Project Timeline

System operating in two locations
System operating in all locations
Addition of new features

An Undeniably Different Approach

Our multidisciplinary team of product management, design, and software engineering experts built a world-class scheduling and onboarding experience from the ground up. 

When it comes to the best digital products, we know it’s critical to focus on the big picture. That meant creating a simple, modern workflow that makes it easy to schedule and prepare for appointments. We used proprietary assets to develop features—for example, digital intake forms that enable patient self-service and reduce office workload. We eliminated problems from the previous system such as the potential for double-booking. We also built tracking capabilities for understanding how patients interact with the system and optimizing scheduling. 

A key challenge was interfacing with MyEyeDr.’s practice management system—requiring our team to find ways to delight users within technical boundaries.  

To deliver results faster, we built the system in rapid iterations, bringing the first locations online within four months and the entire network within eight months. This allowed us to test, refine, and enhance the experience along the way. 

Finally, because we want our fingerprints to last longer than our presence, we mentored MyEyeDr.’s team throughout to make sure they can manage and enhance the solution going forward. We even helped hire the first software engineer. 

Real Results

MyEyeDr. successfully transitioned 700 locations onto a new scheduling system—custom designed for both company and patient needs—within 8 months. The new system’s analytics provide a comprehensive view into the digital scheduling experience, enabling continuous measurement and improvement of patient experience. For example, the system has reduced instances of double booking, inaccurate doctor availability, and other events that led to a poor patient experience. 

At the same time, it has helped promote the soonest-available appointments in a geographic area to make booking easier and faster for patients in need of services. This has increased the percentage of appointments booked online and improved the ability to complete onboarding steps prior to an appointment—both key factors in how to improve patient satisfaction and retention.


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