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A new tracking system is designed to deliver value—12 weeks sooner than expected

A new tracking system is designed to deliver value—12 weeks sooner than expected

What We Did

Private-equity-backed GlobalTranz, a top-10 tech-enabled third-party logistics provider, needed to expedite design and development of a single-stream track-and-trace system to standardize and ease shipment tracking across all shipments, customers, and branches. In order to keep pace with the rapid changes already underway within supporting systems such as the GlobalTranz TMS, the new system needed to be designed and developed in weeks rather than months. That’s when GlobalTranz called West Monroe. 

Our team worked with the company to:

  • Design the user interface based on user input
  • Develop and introduce a minimum viable product (MVP) with essential features 
  • Integrate the new system with the company’s transportation management technology, GlobalTranz TMS
  • Plan for additional system enhancements over time

Our approach delivered an MVP definition in eight weeks rather than months – positioning the company to realize value much sooner than it normally would have.


faster delivery of a new system


weeks earlier realization of value from the system’s new capabilities


hours of executive time saved during development

Project Timeline

Product vision, user research, and user experience design
Technical architecture, MVP design, and full list of future enhancements
Prioritization of future enhancements and estimated engineering effort
Development of the Track and Trace system MVP

The Challenge

GlobalTranz has grown dramatically, both organically and through acquisitions since its founding in 2003.  The company was rapidly modernizing areas of the business but needed to accelerate other areas and systems to ensure parity of functionality and business support, including track and trace. The modernization efforts would in turn deliver a better customer experience, stronger integration between core systems, streamlined internal processes, and flexibility to extend processes, and automation as the company continued to grow and change.

As part of a broader effort to consolidate and optimize technology platforms, company leaders launched a project to define and build a single, user-friendly system that all users and customers would use for tracking and tracing shipments. The solution needed to support both current and future operations – including additional acquisitions. 

The challenge was defining and building this new capability in a short timeframe. We had a solution for that.

An Undeniably Different Approach

Our team brought the skills, best practices, and proven approach for delivering a new track-and-trace system within weeks and then increasing its capabilities over time. This is what’s known as a minimum viable product (MVP).

We believe it is important not to just to develop and deliver a MVP—but also to work alongside our clients to improve their ability to deliver more quickly using this approach. We paired our multidisciplinary team of industry, design, technology, product development, and change management experts with GlobalTranz’s own technologists, product owners, and business subject matter experts. Together, we got to work. 

Recognizing the importance of user experience, the team used design thinking and involved system users in the process, both early and often. User involvement at the outset helped the team identify pain points and understand key activities. This exercise then provided input for designing screen concepts.

Working closely together, GlobalTranz and West Monroe technical experts developed the architecture, forecasted the engineering effort, and created a detailed plan for both the initial product (the “MVP”) and future enhancements (the “backlog”). Finally, we rapidly mobilized a design and engineering team to develop and deliver the initial Track and Trace system.

The Output

  • 18 scenario maps
  • 4 user personas
  • 3 user experience (UX) screens
  • The MVP Track and Trace system
  • A list of 268 enhancements to be delivered during future development iterations

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