Supply Chain Assessment & Optimization for Manufacturers

Your supply chain has hidden value—we help you pinpoint opportunities to unlock it.

Supply and demand volatility put a significant strain on the supply chain. Responding effectively to changing conditions requires a commitment to quality across the supply chain – and the ability to balance competing revenue growth, cost savings, response time, and customer service goals. That’s where West Monroe comes in. 

We focus on optimizing the supply chain to make it a strong foundation for your company’s growth. This starts with a Quality of Supply Chain (QoSC) assessment, our rapid but comprehensive assessment designed to identify digital supply chain improvements that can improve margin and working capital.

You’ll get quality supply chain optimization techniques, as well as a roadmap of actions that will allow your organization to forecast with greater accuracy, make better purchasing decisions, and pull the right levers to reduce working capital and improve liquidity, all by leveraging digital supply chain practices. Better yet, we can equip you with insights to optimize your supply chain in just three to six weeks, depending on available data.  

Results You Can Expect with Digital Supply Chain Optimization

  • Increase revenue by 3% to 5% 
  • Reduce cost of goods sold by 5% to 10% 
  • Reduce operating expenses by 10% to 30% 
  • Reduce working capital by 10% to 20% 
  • Decrease capital expenditures by 5% 

What We Offer

Our undeniably different approach to supply chain optimization is built on multidisciplinary expertise and experience in areas such as labor optimization, supply chain processes, lean principles, and manufacturing and distribution operations. This enables us to perform an assessment that covers the four key aspects of supply chain operations that affect value. Of course, we tailor the scope and analysis for specific business needs, including digital supply chain optimizations. 

Optimize inventory across your supply chain

Our supply chain inventory optimization assessment looks at sales and operations planning/inventory management practices, including inventory policies, seasonality and demand variability, customer segments, and forecasting models. Our supply chain assessment provides practical recommendations to:

  • Forecast with greater accuracy
  • Minimize stockouts and expedite costs
  • Reduce excess or obsolete inventory
  • Create more effective promotions

Strengthen sourcing and procurement practices

We’ll analyze areas of your supply chain such as spend, contracts, supplier concentration, pricing variances, and rebates for complexity and waste for digital optimization opportunities. We also benchmark procurement practices. Our supply chain assessment will provide practical recommendations to: 

  • Increase sourcing synergies
  • Establish data-driven sourcing processes that optimize quality and price
  • Respond quickly to changes in the supplier market

Elevate manufacturing quality

As part of our supply chain optimization process, we visit manufacturing sites, observe and map processes, and review key performance indicators to benchmark performance in areas such as return rates and labor utilization. Our supply chain assessment will provide practical recommendations to: 

  • Optimize system efficiency, throughput, and reliability
  • Increase your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) score
  • Reduce waste 
  • Enhance capacity planning
  • Improve quality of finished goods

Drive high-performing distribution and logistics operations

Employing deep distribution experience, we break down your supply chain’s delivery costs, analyzing areas such as cost per order/case, fleet spend, stops per route, route effectiveness, backhaul, and inbound/outbound spend. Our supply chain assessment will provide practical recommendations to: 

  • Increase transportation and distribution margin
  • Utilize assets and capacity more efficiently
  • Simplify network design
  • Improve on-time in-full metrics, leading to better customer experience and satisfaction

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