Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) for Utilities

As your utility accelerates toward its control center for the future, make sure you are setting up your ADMS program for success.

Our utility and technology experts equip your utility with best practices for supporting the complete advanced distribution management system journey – from strategy to results.

A more dynamic grid is pushing electric utilities toward adopting integrated platforms that allow grid operators to manage the distribution system from a single pane of glass. ADMS technologies enable this operational evolution for electric power distribution by creating critical control center capabilities. However, the complex nature of these projects requires effort far beyond technical delivery. That’s why many utilities rely on West Monroe for advanced distribution management system implementation. 

We don’t just understand the core technical components of advanced distribution management systems, including outage management, distribution management, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and distributed energy resources management (DERMS) systems. We also have a track record for aligning these ADMS technologies with business strategy to create value for utilities of all sizes. 

Our ADMS Center of Excellence equips your team with best practices for supporting the complete advanced distribution management system journey – from strategy to results.

Results You Can Expect

  • Lower operations and maintenance costs
  • Faster service restoration and improved reliability
  • Improved power quality and energy efficiency
  • More efficient crew dispatch during outages
  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction
  • Improved bandwidth, latency, and uptime

What We Offer

Chart your strategy and road map

ADMS programs require detailed planning that engages a diverse group of stakeholders. We understand how to break down silos and rally stakeholders around a strategy and plan for your electrical power distribution system that meets program goals—and is well-coordinated with other utility initiatives. 

Define the business requirements and architecture

Clearly defined business requirements are critical when implementing emerging technologies for electric power distribution. With your ADMS strategy as a foundation, we look at both current and future operations to define the architecture and business requirements that guide planning and procurement. 

Build a sound business case

Our comprehensive business case approach evaluates various scenarios and provides a benefit-cost analysis for individual ADMS projects and the program as a whole. Leaders can see the true value of ADMS implementation and track benefits on your electrical power distribution system and cost throughout deployment. 

Select the right vendors

ADMS involves a significant investment with multiple large vendor contracts. Our proven vendor selection capabilities create clarity of choice. Backed by extensive strategic sourcing expertise, we provide the right level of diligence to set your electric power distribution program up for success – from bidding to detailed vendor assessment to negotiating favorable terms. 

Guide your ADMS program to success

Advanced distribution management system implementation is a lengthy process, made more challenging by complex integrations and dependence on data. We’ve been down this road and know how to build a program structure with clear ownership and roles to streamline decision-making. Our program management office (PMO) provides skilled leadership, staffed by people who have led ADMS programs and can pilot the scope, schedule, and budget across multiple projects and vendors. 

Instill confidence in the quality of your program and plans

Addressing risks and issues early is critical to staying on a path to success when implementing advanced distribution management systems. Our quality assurance oversight provides ongoing, independent assessment around areas such as completeness of requirements and design documentation, financial projections, and schedules. As an independent third-party partner, we work with clients to assess electric power distribution program health and identify valuable improvements regardless of where they are in the life cycle. 

Guide your people through change

ADMS programs involve more complex change than other such programs. Employees must remain engaged and supportive over a long period, all while processing the potential impacts for their jobs. That’s why our teams include not only utility operations expertise but also change management specialists in cultural change, organizational design, and upskilling. 

Manage interdependencies to mitigate the risks

While ADMS transformation is complex enough internally, managing dependency with external services can be overwhelming. We’re ready for that – with capabilities for developing integration strategies, organizing interdependencies, and mitigating risks before they stall progress. 

Deliver the expected benefits of advanced distribution management systems

ADMS promises numerous  benefits. Ultimately, success is about delivering those benefits – not just a completed project. We work with you to identify and quantify key financial, network performance, and project performance metrics and then track progress and overall success of advanced distribution management system implementation. 

Expanding control center capabilities 

After initial go-live of their ADMS, many utilities seek to uncover new benefits. Whether that is  implementing automation applications like fault location, isolation and service restoration, and volt/VAR Optimization, or improving DER operational capabilities through DERMS, we help clients develop long-term roadmaps and scope, plan, and deliver projects focused on further enhancing operational capabilities. 

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