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A fast-growing health benefits company reimagines its existing tech and processes to allow future growth

A fast-growing health benefits company reimagines its existing tech and processes to allow future growth

What We Did

BridgeHealth, a benefit-management organization for self-insured group health plans, doubled in size for three straight years. But its technology infrastructure and business functions couldn’t keeping pace. West Monroe stepped in to build a foundation for growth and expansion that has continued year-over-year—leveling up platforms and processes.


improvement in gross revenue


expansion of membership


increase in surgical episodes, stemming from systems and process improvements

Hear From BridgeHealth

To maintain its growth trajectory, BridgeHealth needed to transform its legacy technology platform and key business processes. Watch how West Monroe empowered BridgeHealth to establish new capabilities to improve efficiency and insight to deliver better member experiences and enable high-quality care at a better value.

The Opportunity

After three years of exponential growth, BridgeHealth had outgrown its technology infrastructure. A lack of standardized processes also hindered further expansion. And, without a clear plan, year-over-year growth was in jeopardy.

The company trusted West Monroe’s expertise to:

  • Identify functional and technology gaps preventing growth
  • Understand potential future customers and how to track them throughout the entire sales process
  • Empower BridgeHealth to continue rapid pace of expansion

An Undeniable Approach

We helped BridgeHealth prepare for substantial change by working cross-functionally to:

  • Assess: We started by examining the legacy technology platforms in place through a series of interviews, workshops and process observations. The project team also evaluated old processes by facilitating sales journey-mapping workshops
  • Analyze: We then helped BridgeHealth define more than 500 business requirements and 20 future capabilities required to design and build. From there, we used these capabilities and data-driven best practices to map ideal customer journeys
  • Envision: Finally, we created a two-year transformation roadmap prioritizing near-term growth initiatives based on identified gaps and opportunities.

The Output

Our team collaborated with BridgeHealth to drive the necessary business transformation to maintain growth and remain competitive:

  1. Contact-center enhancement. We reconfigured call routing, workflow, workforce management and reporting capabilities to improve efficiency
  2. Case-management process improvement. To empower customer service representatives to access customer data in a faster, more organized way, we implemented Salesforce components, automated previously manual tasks, and created customized team views.
  3. Data management and analytics. We transitioned BridgeHealth’s data management environment to the cloud. We also established an analytics solution – allowing the company to aggregate files and conduct timely automated analyses.

Returns You Can Measure

With West Monroe’s help building the right technology and business processes, BridgeHealth became maintained its exceptional growth trajectory. The impacts of our partnership were most directly realized in BridgeHealth’s steady increase in surgical episodes and number of surgical facilities, contributing to a 59% improvement in gross revenue and membership expansion exceeding 40% year-over-year.

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