COVID-19 Back to Work: Re-entry Strategy and Deployment

Protect the health and safety of your employees and customers. Confidently build a safe and adaptable working environment that enables long-term success.

As companies adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, they need to design ways to get back to work—safely. Prioritizing practices that protect the health and safety of employees and customers while remaining nimble and productive will enable long-term growth. 

The uncertainty of the pandemic has forced businesses to change the way they operate, leaving many companies unsure of how and when to move forward with bringing employees back into a work environment. West Monroe is here to help. With an undeniably different approach—that leverages expertise in Salesforce, healthcare, labor, and experience design—our Back to Work solution allows companies to rapidly and iteratively establish safe operations that keep employees healthy and productive.  

We help organizations either build or adapt their workforce safety strategy and leverage the Salesforce platform to quickly stabilize operations while mitigating short- and long-term risks.

Results You Can Expect

  • Ability to monitor and manage health and safety of 100% of your workforce through employee wellness checks, contact tracing, and shift management 

  • One centralized platform to manage and monitor workplace health updates 

  • Increased productivity and decreased business risk, laying the foundation for long-term success 

What We Offer

Back to Work with Salesforce 

As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner also specializing in employee experience, healthcare, and operations excellence, West Monroe is uniquely positioned to help you design and execute a successful re-entry program. We help employers address areas of reopening concern, strategize to operate safely and productively, and meet new market needs when they arise.

Our six-week approach provides quick value by expediting getting safely back to work using and our multidisciplinary expertise.

Protect your employees and your business 

We take a human-centric, data-driven, and value creation lens to everything we do to create actionable and sustainable impact. Our six-week approach provides quick value by expediting getting safely back to work using and our multidisciplinary expertise.  

Within weeks, we will: 

  • Align to your back to work strategy 
  • Enable employee health checks 
  • Import your employee data into the platform 
  • Establish a Workplace Command Center dashboard and COVID-19 data platform 
  • Enable contact tracing capabilities 
  • Provide communications and training materials that your team can use 
  • Deliver a Back to Work gap analysis and roadmap to make changes for the future
  • Return for a post go-live check-in to ensure a foundation for making long-term updates to policies and procedures

When working with West Monroe, you will tap into expertise across the firm that takes the burden off your company and leverages best practices: 

  • Enterprise-level project management 
  • Strategy design and execution 
  • Organizational change management 
  • Business continuity  
  • Workforce and labor design and management 
  • Healthcare expertise 

Start or accelerate your Back to Work approach  

A safe working environment is the priority for organizations, but we’ll also help you lay the foundation for future success and growth. Our team can provide guidance around employee upskilling, process optimization, business continuity, risk management, and capacity and shift planning. 

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