Oct. 14, 2021 | News

A message from West Monroe Chairman & CEO Kevin McCarty on company growth

A message from West Monroe Chairman & CEO Kevin McCarty on company growth

West Monroe is a fast-growing digital services firm that is constantly expanding, changing, and adapting. We are grounded in—and guided by—the same values that were adopted when we started the firm in 2002, and we are fueled by our mission to build the next generation of leaders. We keep setting our sights higher to achieve bigger and better things for our clients, our employees, and our communities.

I am thrilled to share some big news today: West Monroe is taking on a new long-term, strategic investor to help fund our next stage of growth in MSD Partners.

This partnership, which you can read more about here, will propel West Monroe’s growth strategy to become the leading digital services firm—faster.

We will also be able to accelerate strategic investments to support our clients and our people in the following areas:

  • Expanding our global product engineering platform to design, build, and manage digital products at scale. We kick-started this with the acquisition of Verys in September, bringing 200+ product builders under the umbrella of West Monroe.
  • Skill-building programs for West Monroe employees to double down on world-class digital consulting services and provide exciting growth and development opportunities for our people.
  • Deploying assets and offerings that deliver faster, better financial results for your organization, including investments in our Intellio® suite.

With the MSD partnership, we will have the capital, culture, and experience to accelerate this next phase of our growth. Our leadership team stays intact, our strategic direction is the same, and we will continue to offer the most talented multidisciplinary teams with deep industry and technology expertise. We’re 2,000 employees strong now—and growing fast.

Our new partnership comes with a new board of directors—who will add valuable expansion and digital technology expertise to our firm. We will continue to have ownership and investment opportunities for all our employees, who will continue to benefit personally and professionally from the success of West Monroe.

We are excited about West Monroe’s next chapter.


Kevin McCarty, Chairman & CEO

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