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West Monroe executives interviewed for independent research firm’s trends report, “Build The Right Bridge Between EX And CX Management”

West Monroe executives interviewed for independent research firm’s trends report, “Build The Right Bridge Between EX And CX Management”

CHICAGO — July 24, 2023 — West Monroe, a leading digital services firm, has been quoted in a recent Forrester trends report, “Build The Right Bridge Between EX And CX Management”. Eric Freshour, managing director, People & Productivity and Michael Manfredo, senior principal, Product Experience & Engineering Lab, were both interviewed and cited in the report. 

The Forrester report highlights the role of employee experience (EX) leaders in comprehending, enhancing, and overseeing dynamic experiences. It emphasizes that EX skills, tools, and approaches are not exclusive to a single practice, opening up possibilities for collaboration and stronger connections with customer experience (CX). By exploring the intersections between CX and EX management, the report offers valuable insights and perspectives on building bridges between the two disciplines.

“We find that when designing experiences and services for employees, it’s most successful to have HR as a key stakeholder but not the only stakeholder,” said Manfredo in the interview for the report. “If you also invite IT in, they tend to balance each other out in terms of influence, especially knowing the daily work experience significantly affects overall EX.”

“Employees often suffer at the hands of CX, as CX improvements create more work for them. This creates territorial mindset,” said Freshour in his interview for the Forrester report.

Reflecting on the interview with Forrester, Freshour adds,

At West Monroe, we understand the high stakes involved in both CX and EX management. Organizations that prioritize customer experience strategies not only experience accelerated growth but also gain a larger market share. Achieving a winning customer or employee experience necessitates intentional and purposeful delivery. The right strategy demands a human-centered perspective, a shared vision to rally behind, and a profound comprehension of the end-user experience.


The full report is available online to Forrester customers or for purchase here.

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