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Empowering West Monroe for the future with the appointment of Gil Mermelstein as president and other strategic investments

Empowering West Monroe for the future with the appointment of Gil Mermelstein as president and other strategic investments

I am delighted to share some exciting news about West Monroe.  

Gil Mermelstein, a key leader in our organization for the past 15 years, has been elevated to the role of President. Gil’s wealth of experience, both outside and within West Monroe, has prepared him for this new role overseeing all client-facing parts of the business, including consulting lines, client success, and the market growth functions, strategy, revenue, commercial growth, and marketing. Gil has been instrumental to West Monroe’s success and is well-positioned to help lead us into the future by my side.  

Our attention is intensely concentrated on the market—addressing our clients’ needs, both immediate and long-term; this title signifies Gil’s commitment to making sure we deliver our top performance to the market each day.  

For 22 years, West Monroe has been a trusted partner to companies navigating complex business challenges. Today's market conditions are creating new challenges and opportunities: Rapidly advancing technologies with promising but elusive value and new ways of working have all prompted companies to reassess their short- and long-term strategies.  

To meet these market needs, and position West Monroe for the future, Gil, myself, and the executive leadership team are making several strategic changes to evolve the firm:

  1. Investing Strategically: We are investing in services and assets that align with market priorities, primarily data and the organizational change required in adapting to new technologies. We are also strengthening our alliances with major partnerships as our clients increasingly lean on technology platform leaders such as Databricks, Alteryx, and Salesforce to create new value. We are also continuing to invest in AI both internally with our AI Center of Excellence. 
  2. Restructuring Our Client-Facing Teams: We are combining like industry teams, services teams, and common skillsets to further improve collaboration and enhance our impact. This will enable us to deliver ideas and solutions faster and provide greater value for our clients and shareholders. In particular, we are combining our people experts into one team focused on organization, people, and change management, and our technology and experience experts into another team. These two teams are organized around the previously mentioned market priorities of technology and change, and their strength through depth and collaboration will be vital to the future of both our clients and West Monroe.
  3. Making Additional Leadership Changes: We are introducing additional key leadership changes to drive efficiencies and effectiveness. Brian Paulen will be taking on a role as lead of Global Enterprise Services to improve processes, lead our global offices and nearshoring strategy, and leverage automation by overseeing our many critical back-office support functions as we grow and scale. Casey Foss is expanding her role from market intelligence, offering, design, and proprietary assets to include corporate strategy, partnerships, and marketing. And a new CFO will be joining us in June. More exciting leadership additions will come as we invest and grow in strategic areas.

Looking forward, we are confident in our strategy, partners, extraordinary talent, and West Monroe’s unique ability to translate technology into EBITDA for our clients – from strategy to execution. To reflect our renewed commitment to technology and doubling down on what makes West Monroe unique, we are also investing in new branding and market messaging that you will see later this year. I am energized by these changes, which  will help our clients and stakeholders thrive in this dynamic market environment. 

Thank you for your continued support and trust in West Monroe. We look forward to navigating the future together. 

Kevin McCarty Chairman & CEO, West Monroe 

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