July 8, 2024 | News

West Monroe Hires Joe Brown as Senior Partner in Technology & Experience Practice

West Monroe Hires Joe Brown as Senior Partner in Technology & Experience Practice

Accomplished IDEO executive brings a track record of innovation and leadership for companies pursuing growth, competitive advantage, and value creation.

West Monroe is pleased to announce that Joe Brown has joined the firm as a senior partner in the Technology & Experience practice. Brown, based in San Francisco, spent more than a decade with IDEO, where he was an executive director and leader for a global client service portfolio of dozens of clients and hundreds of people. 

Brown has a track record for fostering cultures obsessed with inventing, designing, and bringing to life value-creating digital strategies, products, and experiences. At West Monroe, he will contribute to the strategic direction and innovation for the firm’s 700-person Technology & Experience practice, working to seamlessly serve clients across the tech stack. With a specific focus in product and experience, Brown will provide leadership and expertise to clients with ambitions to differentiate, innovate and seize competitive advantage.

“We’re fortunate to have such an experienced strategist and leader join our team,” said Mazen Ghalayini, managing partner and co-lead of West Monroe’s Technology & Experience practice.

Joe is an accomplished team and practice leader, and highly respected for the impact he has created for clients at IDEO. He has a particular aptitude for culture, sense of purpose, and the change that must happen when introducing new technology—and how to embed that in our work.


Brown has guided products from innovation to scale in multiple markets, including software, social media, B2B & B2C ecommerce, consumer products, pharma, and online learning. He created a thriving European marketplace that connects brands and influencers, as well as a consumer products B2B e-commerce app that increased sales from $4 million to $45 million in one year. He has also helped several dozen companies foster purpose-driven cultures. He has taught classes on the power of purpose, and his work on purpose, products, and innovation has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Quartz, and Forbes.

“New technology will rebuild the world, and I am eager to do some building. That’s why I joined West Monroe – to help clients create smarter, kinder, more profitable futures,” said Brown. “Our work offers the chance to look at problems from new angles to understand customers and what they really need. When can we figure out how to design products so they help customers achieve what they want—for example, to be more profitable—that’s when the real impact happens.”

Prior to IDEO, Brown taught courses in marketing and organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he also earned an MBA. He has advised Aspen Institute’s First Movers Fellowship and GTM Capital, where he worked alongside professors from Harvard and Stanford to design a venture capital investment review process.

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