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A statement from CEO Kevin McCarty on the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol events

A statement from CEO Kevin McCarty on the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol events

The chaos that we all saw and heard which occurred in Washington, D.C., yesterday was unsettling and to say the least, despicable, and worthy of our full condemnation. While I struggle to find adequate words to address the events of this week, it is clearly a difficult time for our nation, and for many of us—including myself.  

Yesterday marked yet another new level of crisis for our nation, and regardless of political affiliation, an acute lack of leadership and judgment across various groups. A complete systemic breakdown enabled by supposed “leaders” which, when combined and allowed to happen, have significant consequences to our democracy. As a country we must not tolerate these systemic breakdowns and rogue leaders inciting or enabling our country and democracy to be attacked from within.
No matter what side you personally came down on in this election, all of us—the nation, our business, and our clients—need to respect the process and ensure an orderly transition so the country can move on to tackle the many issues we face, including public health, safety of our citizens, social unrest and injustice, the economy, and jobs. I believe we at West Monroe are a firm that is for progress, moving forward, innovating, and inventing tomorrow, and not a firm that is satisfied with the status quo, bureaucracy, or political roadblocks to getting to the future. 
To show my support for this, earlier this week I joined CEOs from many organizations around the country to sign the Partnership for New York City’s Call on Congress to Accept the Electoral College Results, voicing my support for the timely certification of the 2020 election results.  
Above all, I ask that we continue to respect one another and serve our clients with credibility and compassion. Our country needs role models to continue to lead and strive for a better future, a role that West Monroe can fulfill.  

On behalf of the West Monroe leadership team,

Kevin J. McCarty, Chairman & CEO

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