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Visionworks boosts productivity by 15% through data analytics

Visionworks boosts productivity by 15% through data analytics

Our Impact

Optical retailers provide both healthcare services and retail sales, a dual nature that leads to business challenges from fragmented communication and complicated data to error-prone IT processes.

Visionworks, Inc., a leading provider of eye care services with over 700 locations in the U.S., was encountering those issues when they made a cost saving decision. They engaged West Monroe in the early stages of their “One Team” transformation, a multi-year initiative to optimize the experience for patients, customers, and associates. The result? A plan and actions that equipped each business unit with self-service data capabilities that created a better customer experience and improved operational efficiencies.


reduction in time spent reporting for retail associates


improvement in business productivity across business units


savings in data-related IT operational costs

Hear from Visionworks

We partnered with Visionworks to develop and implement a roadmap that would equip each business unit with self-service reporting capabilities and drive a new and unique customer experience and operational efficiencies.

The Challenge

Visionworks employees were struggling to maintain manual processes and were using complex Excel and one-off databases that created rework and introduced additional risk of error. But they didn’t accept those challenges as reality. Instead, Visionworks initiated their “One Team” journey to truly be digital by consolidating and streamlining processes and enlisting West Monroe to develop and implement a platform that would equip each business unit with self-service reporting capabilities. The goal? and Accurate, consistent, quality data for all users—doctors, patients, customers, and associates.

An Undeniably Different Approach

We assembled a multidisciplinary team of healthcare, data engineering, customer experience, and organizational change management (OCM) experts. This team set out to identify and condense meaningful KPIs, streamline data access and reporting across the business, and empower every team to realize the benefits of centralized data. Our team:

  • Performed a proprietary Rapid Insights analysis on Visionworks’ data
  • Built an Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) and reporting system for users spanning the back office and the field
  • Diagnosed critical process and governance problems to enable OCM improvements
  • Trained and upskilled various user groups to maximize new data capabilities across use cases

Real Results

West Monroe collaborated with Visionworks’ diverse teams and user groups to develop a powerful data analytics and reporting platform that enables Visionworks to make faster, data-driven business decisions with the patient at the center. Together, we:

  • Catalogued more than 100 data sources to enable cross-functional analysis
  • Rolled out a Power BI solution to facilitate self-service reporting and data visualization in the field
  • Executed a technology change management program to integrate information in a central location and optimize operational processes
  • Trained 40 power users on self-service visualization techniques and data best practices to aid additional users across departments and locations

The centralized self-service enterprise data platform that West Monroe built provides a bridge between previously siloed business and technology groups. Now each team has the information they need to create better customer and employee experiences that drive lasting results and loyalty.

Visionworks is already reaping the benefits of improved customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and newfound operational efficiencies. Employees say that new reports “replace a binder full of paper on my desk” and “will save us 4-6 hours every Monday.”

Project Timeline

Data Platform design and rapid pilot
Iterative, prioritized use case delivery
Governance and operating model refinement
Large-scale reporting launch, training, and change management to transition

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