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Transforming efficiency, reporting, and employee experience with a custom nCino solution

Transforming efficiency, reporting, and employee experience with a custom nCino solution

What We Did

Similar to other agricultural credit associations in the Farm Credit System, this ag lender is part of a co-op that leverages shared technology and application services among association members. Their custom loan origination system was nearing the end of its shelf-life and required an upgrade. The lender and the other association members agreed to move to Salesforce and nCino—out of a shared desire to shift to a SaaS environment—and gain important functionality  like real-time dashboards and workflow visibility. 

West Monroe partnered with the co-op technology provider and their associations to build a baseline accelerator system that would provide common functionality. The goal was to then implement and tailor the new system across each association within the co-op, using an iterative approach to meet the unique needs of the associations and their customers. By creating a uniform implementation approach and roll-out, West Monroe would be able to get these associations live on the new platform—fast and efficiently. 

Starting with this particular lender, we: 

  • A customized nCino LOS solution 
  • Redesigned processes to achieve new efficiencies and maximize new tech
  • Reimagined associate roles to perform higher-value tasks
  • Used communication, training, and change management to accelerate adoption and benefits

The benefits are already adding up.


reduction in time to enter data, per loan, thanks to automation


manual data entry has been reduced to 1 system for 86% of the loan lifecycle process


reduction in use of spreadsheets and word docs in the loan lifecycle

Project Timeline

Studied business processes and identified pain points. Worked with bank leaders to develop a vision, goals, and change approach.
Designed the solution by translating requirements into specific system features. Developed the training strategy and curriculum.
Built the solution, gathering feedback frequently as each new function was developed. Tested system capabilities.
Conducted role-specific training sessions to prepare employees for using the new technology.

The Challenge

After selecting nCino’s loan origination system, West Monroe worked to guide the design of the system to address unique agricultural lending requirements. 

To gain maximum benefits from the system, the association asked us to also take on the following: 

  • Modify job roles and creating new roles based on technology capabilities
  • Improve business processes 
  • Ensure rapid associate adoption 

New technology represented a significant change for employees – and it would come with numerous organizational changes. Training and communication would need to combat “change fatigue.” 

This is the type of challenge we are uniquely qualified to tackle. 

An Undeniably Different Approach

We rapidly mobilized a multidisciplinary team across lending operations, technology, customer/employee experience, and organizational change management. 

To design and implement the nCino system, our team employed Intellio® assets and accelerators – proprietary tools that we use to deliver the benefits of new technology faster. But we know success requires more than simply getting new technology up and running. So, we paid just as much attention to the human side of the equation.  

After partnering with association leaders to define the project’s vision and goals, we worked to determine how to bring those goals to fruition. Together, we redesigned processes. We reimagined how people would perform their roles with new technology and then used that insight to design training. We partnered with the client’s change management and learning & development teams – pairing our nCino expertise with internal knowledge of the culture and the best ways to engage and interact with system users. We formed and mobilized a network of change champions. And we employed existing and trusted communication channels to reach employees and leaders at the right times.

The Output

  • Vision and goals for the nCino loan origination system
  • Design, development, and implementation of the LOS solution, customized to the association’s needs
  • Key performance indicators for measuring adoption and other goals
  • Training that equips associates to perform specific roles using the new technology
  • Change management plan and support

Returns You Can Measure

The solution is delivering on the client’s goals to improve ease of use. For example, it has reduced manual entry in favor of more streamlined, automated processes.  

The association has improved its ability to report loan performance, collateral, risk profile, and other characteristics. Previously, this reporting required compiling information from multiple Excel reports.

The efficiency gains don’t stop there. The solution reduces the need for manual entry – a key pain point identified during up-front planning. For example, by incorporating robotics process automation (RPA), the bank can now transfer data from a spreading tool to the loan origination system in just 5 to 10 seconds per loan – down from 20 to 30 minutes per loan. This translates to better employee and customer experience.

Finally, integrating the loan origination system with Salesforce CRM provides associates with a more complete picture of their customers – a capability that enhances cross-selling and collaboration across lines of business and simplifies training.

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