Agricultural Lending & Farm Credit Solutions

Seize the opportunity to own more efficient, tech-enabled services for a complex and resilient industry—our nation’s producers

For agricultural lenders and farm credit associations, a trusted long-term relationship with customers will always be vital to shared success. Providing credit to this essential, and often volatile industry, has been disrupted by similar forces affecting the broader financial services industry - digitizing, optimizing processes, and better leveraging data to deliver leading customer experiences. Yet, they still face needs specific to agricultural producers.

Ag lenders and farm credit providers must deliver products and services that are flexible and enough to address the variety and complexity of agriculture products, but also resilient enough to mitigate inherent risk in agriculture (climate patterns, impacts of natural disasters, and even macroeconomic trends).

West Monroe understands the complexity and nuances associated with ag lending and the credit that supports it. We help ag lending and farm credit associations leverage technology and data to design optimal credit processes and create meaningful, innovative customer experiences that move beyond traditional branch settings to make it easier for farmers to access necessary services. We also partner with associations to improve operational efficiency and boost workforce productivity. Bottom line, we create smarter, more nimble workplaces by leveraging digital workplace technology.

The result? We equip your organizations to support our nation’s farmers and producers with an outcome of financial success for all involved.

Results You Can Expect

  • Redesigned lending approval authority to reduce overall turn time and better leverage technology
  • Significantly reduced the need for short term approvals by providing greater clarity and transparency into portfolio management activities
  • Improved average insurance renewals onboarding

What We Offer

Implement and adopt nCino

A strategic implementation partner of nCino, our team integrates this cloud-based platform into your loan origination solutions. West Monroe not only supports design, build, and implementation of the technology itself, we work side-by-side with you to ensure successful adoption. We understand that technology alone is not a silver bullet, and work to redesign your organizational structure, processes, and workflows to take full advantage of nCino’s technology.

Redesign end-to-end credit

Ag products vary widely—from production differences to markets, growing cycles, exposure to climate and growing conditions, unpredictable perils (including fire, flood, infestations, and predation), and infrastructure costs. West Monroe understands the complexity and nuances associated with Ag and the credit that supports it. We identify inefficiencies, unmitigated risks, and opportunities to differentiate across the end-to-end lending value chain. Align your organizational structure, credit policy, and procedures with customer needs to see faster cycle times and lower costs of loan origination. We can help you gain all of this and more.

Introduce multi-peril crop insurance automated workflow

We streamline and standardize the processes for managing multi-peril insurance including renewals, acreage reporting, production reporting, and even servicing and claims. Plus, we integrate approved insurance provider (AIP) FTP sites to connect policy detail information to Salesforce to provide insurance agents with a comprehensive view of the customer and policy. But most importantly, we partner with you to build customer-centered, automated workflows to improve reporting and efficiency.

Design and implement hail insurance quoting

Salesforce uniquely allows users to quote, analyze, bind, sign and upload policies to multiple AIPs from the field to the processors--all through an app. Our solution lets you review last year’s hail policies and current MPCI coverage to determine what is not covered to inform you what to add for the current year. The best part? There’s no need for a customer to visit a branch.

Define your Salesforce environment strategy

Salesforce is more than just a technology platform. When used correctly, it’s a powerful tool that connects customers, employees, partners, and field services. We can help you create seamless and easy interactions—whether that’s filing an insurance claim, applying for a loan, requesting an invoice, or accessing information during a service call. As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, West Monroe knows how to turn Salesforce solutions into strategic assets.

Creating a digital strategy

We assess nearly 20 different areas of your digital ecosystem, evaluating each area for digital maturity and ability to meet business needsall to set the digital agenda. Our aim is to arm you with a strategy grounded in your unique challenges and opportunities and demystify the cost, benefits, and key milestones you will face along your path to becoming digital. In the process, we will work together to define your ideal digital strategy, articulate how far you must go, and document a detailed plan for how to get there.

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