Commercial Banking Sales Effectiveness & Revenue Accelerator

It’s on your shoulders to drive more bank revenue per client over time. We can help by providing the tools, tech, incentives, and coaching to make your revenue optimization a reality.

Commercial banks depend on relationship managers who can recognize new revenue opportunities, drive growth, and expand relationships—even in the face of growing competition and economic uncertainty. It’s a tall order, but that kind of revenue optimization is possible with the right combination of technology and data. We have a solution for that.

We build commercial revenue optimization on three key pillars: go-to-market segmentation, customer value prediction, and sales enablement. Segmentation helps identify high-value prospects and focus efforts on the best targets. We leverage data during the process to help you understand revenue forecasts, evaluate customer retention, and prioritize sales targeting. We also work with your team to plan and test corresponding sales processes, ensuring optimal workflow.

Banks can improve profitability and grow their share of wallet by combining best practices in commercial revenue optimization with an easy-to-use tool embedded in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. We developed a proprietary Banking Revenue Accelerator that brings intelligent, automated capabilities to business development. 

This means your relationship managers:

  • Spend less time gathering information
  • Identify opportunities quicker
  • Focus sales efforts on the right clients
  • Conduct needs-based discussions aligning with the client’s growth, succession, and expansion plans
  • Close sales and realize revenue growth goals faster

Results You Can Expect

  • 25% revenue lift per customer relationship
  • 3 to 4 net new clients established per relationship manager, per year
  • 30% increase in Net Promoter Score®
  • 2-3x project return on investment in year one

What We Offer

Our team of commercial banking, technology, and organizational change management experts provides experienced guidance every step of the way to help your team increase bank profits. Consider three fundamental needs for revenue growth and how our accelerator enables your business to grow effectively.

Identify high-value clients through go-to market segmentation

Relationship managers must focus their sales effort on clients with the greatest potential. We use data to group commercial banking clients according to both current value and future sales opportunities—providing data-driven direction for aligning relationship managers’ activities with your best prospects. Using our Intellio suite, we leverage descriptive and prescriptive data to enable data-driven segmentation from which a bank can align its sales and delivery model.

How our Banking Revenue Accelerator delivers: It auto-generates or configures tasks and call-planning for each sales opportunity—facilitating the conversion of leads to revenue growth opportunities.

Enhance prospecting capabilities with customer value prediction

Bank revenue growth requires sourcing quality prospects that fit your bank’s customer profile through referrals, existing clients, and communities of interest. We help you establish effective capabilities for increasing quality prospect generation. Our approach involves: 

  • Defining a manageable number of key prospects per relationship manager per year
  • Improving sales support tools and processes to optimize quality, calling, and follow-up
  • Utilizing communities of interest to identify new, qualified prospects
  • Establishing value-added dialogue through needs-based conversations

How our Banking Revenue Accelerator delivers: It auto-generates or configures tasks and call-planning for each sales opportunity—facilitating the conversion of leads to revenue growth opportunities.

Adopt proven practices for improved sales enablement

Relationship managers often view the world through a credit lens rather than a sales or business development lens. We work with our commercial banking clients to align product and service solutions with revenue growth objectives—equipping your team with proven account management practices and role-specific playbooks. We transmit best practices in a way that increases adoption and builds sustainable processes through activities such as:

  • Coaching focused on preparation for better outcomes
  • Formats for weekly sales meetings with defined structures, participation, and cadence
  • Talent frameworks and skills assessments for evaluating adaptability to a new model
  • Three-week sprints to introduce new best-practice sales skills 

How our Banking Revenue Accelerator delivers: It helps identify sales opportunities for bank revenue growth within the cross-selling grid and assigns product partners. It also creates relationship plans for current and prospective clients, then tracks product opportunities and compares them with peer clients.

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