Helping a large regional bank grow by adopting a digital operating model with nCino

Helping a large regional bank grow by adopting a digital operating model with nCino

Our Impact

Iberia Bank could not scale their business effectively without reimagining some of the processes and systems core to how they work. They knew they needed to dramatically improve treasury management onboarding and servicing process to provide a differentiated client experience and allow them to obtain a competitive advantage in their industry.  

They looked to West Monroe to help provide a better client and employee experience by transforming the bank’s treasury operations. 

Our agile multidisciplinary team developed and delivered a digital operating model using nCino that ensured greater transparency and standardized processes. But more than that, we helped foster a digital mindset, resulting in significant improvement to end-to-end lending lifecycle turn times and a better customer experience. 


Faster treasury management onboarding, increasing client satisfaction and speed to revenue


Reduction in internal handoffs, reducing client contact points from 5 to 1


Reduction in documentation busy work


West Monroe partnered with IBERIABANK to help transform their operating model with a new digital operating model anchored by nCino that increased efficiency, modernized their technology, and improved their processes.

The Full Story

The Challenge 

IBERIABANK saw the opportunity to not just do digital, but to be digital – not only focusing on increasing efficiencies and improving processes – but on creating an integrated, holistic, and intuitive experience.   

The business was ripe for change: manual processes and workflows were impeding growth. Plus, a lack of standardization made it hard for employees and customers to keep track of progress in the commercial lending and treasury management origination businesses – hampering employee and customer satisfaction. 

IBERIABANK looked to West Monroe to transform its operations, boost efficiency, and improve the customer experience using nCino, the bank’s chosen operating platform solution.

An Undeniably Different Approach 

Our multidisciplinary team of bank experts, nCino specialists, operations experts, and technologists got to work - fast. We developed new processes for the bank’s commercial and treasury origination businesses, and implemented the technology needed to make it happen. But we didn’t stop there.  

Working closely with every service line on their part of the origination lifecycle, we created tools that would ensure a consistent experience at each stage of the digital journey – and across market and units - generating opportunity memos, term sheets, commitment letters, loan boarding sheets, and other documents.   

Additionally, we integrated several software platforms critical to IBERIABANK’s operations onto nCino, including: 

  • Core platform (provides nightly batch feed) 
  • Equifax (generates consumer and business reports) 
  • LexisNexis (runs OFAC checks) 

We designed our model to be flexible and scalable, incorporating document archive integration for long-term storage and indexing and converting IBERIABANK’s inefficient covenant management and policy exception tracking database onto nCino’s platform. 

Throughout the implementation process, we worked iteratively, incorporating continual feedback from the IBERIABANK team and customers – ensuring a successful adoption post-launch. This integrated, human-centric approach helped IBERIABANK deliver on its promise to customers – and get ahead of the curve.  

Real Results 

West Monroe designed, delivered, and implemented a digital operating model, run on nCino.   

Our change management program went live to over 1,000 users – ensuring successful adoption and realizing value. The result? Transparency into IBERIABANK’s lending business lines and operations from first client contact through origination to portfolio monitoring. Streamlined processes. And a better overall experience for employees and customers alike.  

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