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How a digital transformation set the stage for rapid growth

How a digital transformation set the stage for rapid growth

What We Did

Multiple acquisitions had burdened a global asset management firm with an unwieldy data infrastructure: inefficient, redundant, and stifling its ability to deliver timely business insights. To overcome this challenge and modernize its technology operations, the firm’s executives collaborated with West Monroe on a comprehensive solution, which included:

  • Building a three-year digital roadmap for consolidating systems
  • Establishing a single, consistent data pipeline
  • Redesigning processes and establishing a project management office to coordinate efforts
  • Implementing new digital tools, like the organization’s first cloud-native application, advanced analytics, and reporting capabilities


in annual cost savings achieved by sunsetting redundant data stores


increase in agile team’s velocity


product roadmap, leading to consistent, reliable services for all portfolio teams and business functions

Project Timeline

Intranet visioning and platform selection
Project kickoff and employee discovery sessions
Design and launch of Intranet

The Challenge

A global asset management firm wanted to expand geographically and double assets under management – but an inefficient use of data was slowing them down.

Why? Over time, the firm had acquired multiple companies, each with their own systems and operational processes. This meant various technology solutions – for reporting, investment management, accounting – all performed similar functions. Meanwhile, certain areas of the business simply maintained their own redundant copies of data and ran their own analytics (manually).

These factors were stifling the firm’s ability to deliver timely insights and accurate reporting. To meet their goals, the company’s executives knew they would need a full-fledged digital transformation.

That’s where we came in.

An Undeniable Approach

We began by helping executives identify the root issue as it relates to their long-term strategic goals. Then we established objectives that would bring tangible value to the business.

Working side-by-side with client stakeholders from both the business and technology side, West Monroe went on to not only design technology solutions but aid the people and processes that drive those solutions.

In just a year, West Monroe helped the firm:

  • Produce a three-year digital roadmap for consolidating and modernizing their technology infrastructure – and the establishment of a single, consistent data pipeline
  • Institute committed transformation leadership, including a steering committee and project management office to oversee implementation
  • Redesign processes that brought together resources in agile, cross-functional, product-focused teams
  • Deploy the organization’s first cloud application within four months, with new native cloud services to be added incrementally
  • Increase time to insights by building ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • Implement advanced analytics to support various functions, such as valuation modeling

Returns You Can Measure

The digital transformation positioned the firm to meet its aggressive growth and expansion goals.

A modern data platform, combined with agile processes, allows the entire organization to access better and more timely insights. It has also accelerated testing and development of products and markets. At the same time, by utilizing a single data pipeline and eliminating redundancies, the firm expects to significantly reduce annual operating costs.

The comprehensive solution has transformed the firm’s operations – and laid the foundation for future growth.

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