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Drive up value, drive down cost, and translate financial analysis into operational impact. That's where we excel.

Today’s business environment is unpredictable—disruption comes from all angles. Nearly all businesses are tackling operational, financial, people, and technology challenges at the same time.

Today’s business environment is unpredictable. Disruption comes from all angles. Executive teams face continuous pressure to elevate performance and value while removing cost from the business.  

Our corporate transformation capabilities are tailor-made for this challenge. We come at it with a unique investor mindset – applying financial analysis and modeling to each function for opportunities to optimize costs, operations, and value. Then, we coordinate a comprehensive, enterprise-wide strategy – and work alongside you to get it done.   

It’s an approach that has produced undeniable results for client after client: 

  • $38 million in COGS and SG&A margin improvement for a leading regional food manufacturer  
  • EBITDA margin growth from 9.7% to 30% for a healthcare provider
  • Up to $9.3 million in cost reductions and $16.7 million in reduced inventory working capital for a major retailer

What could we accomplish together?  

What We Do in Corporate Transformation

Our Corporate Transformation team helps CEOs and executive teams identify and drive near-term operational and financial results, while strengthening and positioning their organizations to win in the years to come.

That challenge requires senior experience – and that’s what we bring. Highly seasoned corporate transformation specialists with deep financial acumen who can analyze financial statements and business metrics, compare performance to industry standards, and pinpoint tangible cost-reduction and performance improvement opportunities. Consultants who understand your industry. And experts in leading complex technology, organizational, and operational transformation. In short, we’re a truly multidisciplinary team that is ready to roll up our sleeves and support you from strategy through execution and successful value creation. 

This multidisciplinary approach allows us to cover all the essentials


  • Establish strategic and financial plans that target near- and long-term revenue and EBITDA growth
  • Identify the drivers and operational activities that create value for the business
  • Define people, operational, customer, and technology plans that align capital allocation with business strategy
  • Execute on these plans to deliver the identified cost efficiencies, employing extensive program and change management expertise to ensure sustainable impact. 
  • Provide an experienced chief transformation officer or office of transformation, where appropriate, to work with your leaders and board
  • Measure progress against your plans 
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