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Northeast Gas Association Digital Series | Recorded Webinar

Gas Utilities are focused on multiple priorities that help them better meet customer needs, this includes finding new ways to innovate around non-pipeline solutions, productivity, and improving efficiencies

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In collaboration with the Northeast Gas Association, we’ve partnered with industry leaders to discuss tools, technologies, and services to enhance your operations.

Part 1: Non-Pipeline Solutions: Meeting Customer Load with Alternative Supply and Demand Options

Non-pipeline solutions can meet customer and system energy requirements and peak demand by deferring (or avoiding) traditional natural gas infrastructure investments with demand and/or supply side alternatives. Comparing traditional and non-pipe solutions requires use of strategic benefit-cost analyses to consider all the direct and indirect impacts of each option. 


  • Owen Brady, Manager, Future of Heat, National Grid
  • David South, Senior Principal, Energy & Utilities, West Monroe
  • Jamie Mize, Senior Consultant, Energy & Utilities, West Monroe

Part 2: Value Realization through Digital and Operations Excellence: Best Practices for Gas Utilities

Natural gas utilities, and in particular those in the Northeast are facing increasing pressure from regulators and customers to keep costs low, but are, at times, limited in their ability to decrease costs due to their place in the supply chain at the end of the product pipeline. To minimize rate increases utilities are searching for ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and stakeholder relations.


  • Doug Rabeneck, Director, Operations Excellence, West Monroe
  • Nick Hahn, Director, Digital, West Monroe
  • James Ensor, Consultant, Energy & Utilities, West Monroe
  • Paul DeCotis, Senior Director, Energy & Utilities, West Monroe

Part 3: Opportunities and Approach to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Natural Gas Utilities

Rapidly changing technology continues to disrupt the workplace which requires organizations to change their strategy to remain competitive. Automation technology is one of the most disruptive opportunities available. Automation allows your organization to rapidly deploy, avoid expensive system integrations, achieve short payback times, and realize ongoing ROI.


  • Mark Snyder, Senior Manager, OpEx, West Monroe
  • Biju Misra, Director, Corporate Business Services & Automation CoE, Enbridge
  • Padma Tata, Manager, Energy & Utilities, West Monroe

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