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2024 Outlook: The Future of the Energy & Utilities Industry

As the industry grapples with net-zero targets, leveraging investments for climate action, decentralized power, and digital operations lead the push toward a sustainable, resilient future

2024 Outlook: The Future of the Energy & Utilities Industry

Utilities will face continued complexity and challenges in 2024, requiring them to think and plan differently.

This report will cover five key areas where utilities should be focused in 2024. Each section of the report delves into each of these areas, offering insights and projections for the year ahead.

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Decarbonization and integrated electrification and gas planning

The industry faces mounting pressure to meet ambitious net-zero targets, but the concurrent surge in investments presents a golden opportunity to make meaningful progress in combating climate change. 

Decentralized and virtual power supplies

Harnessing the potential of distributed energy resources will enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of utilities in 2024, but realizing this potential hinges on enhanced coordination to ensure a seamless and demand-responsive energy ecosystem. 

Transmission infrastructure needs

Meeting decarbonization goals means the U.S. needs significantly more power transmission capacity to move renewables into load centers where they can be used, reduce congestion charges on existing lines, and strengthen the grid.
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Resiliency and security objectives

Incorporating digital advancements strengthens grid resilience and reduces costs, but it also exacerbates cybersecurity risks, demanding a multifaceted approach that encompasses skilled labor, robust third-party vendor protections, and business partnerships.
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Digitizing system operations

Progressive utilities are digitizing operations and adopting a product-centric approach to drive savings, foster employee and customer engagement, and pave the way for future decarbonization and electrification endeavors. 
2024 Outlook: The Future of the Energy & Utilities Industry

2024 Outlook: The Future of the Energy & Utilities Industry

The challenges, trends, and actions that will define the year in energy & utilities. Download our 2024 Outlook.

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