Treasury Management

Optimize your growth by elevating treasury management as an essential function

Banks tasked with growing their bottom line look to their treasury management business as a key driver of increasing noninterest income and a source of low-cost deposits. We work side-by-side with banks to equip their treasury management functions with the capabilities needed to meet growth targets.

West Monroe knows how to partner with banks to digitize operations and customer channels, build sales and go-to-market process improvements, and leverage data and AI to build smarter sales and pricing strategies. We place client experience at the forefront—the top factor in growing treasury business. We help reveal the true value your treasury business can bring to your organization and elevate it as an essential part of growth strategies.

Results You Can Expect

  • Identified $100 million annual revenue in cross-sales opportunity for a $50 billion East Coast bank
  • Accelerated treasury management implementations by 30% for a top 25 U.S. bank
  • Reduced client TM product setup errors by 97% by improving data input and information workflows
  • Determined strategic direction for a $40 billion Midwest bank to improve profits by $110 million over 4 years

What We Offer

Implementing nCino’s treasury management (TM) onboarding platform

A strategic implementation partner of nCino, West Monroe builds and optimizes the cloud-based platform’s integration into your treasury business. Working with our clients across all aspects of an nCino integration, we not only support the design, build, and implementation of the technology itself, but work side-by-side with organizations to ensure successful adoption. We understand that technology alone is not a silver bullet, and work to redesign the operating model, supporting processes, and the workflows required to realize the promise of nCino’s technology.

Creating an ‘easy’ client experience

Increasingly, corporate treasurers indicate that an “easy” experience is the number one factor in bank selection and new service adoption decisions. We understand how to achieve easy and work with our bank clients to engineer better experiences for their customers through technology and process. Not only that, we develop a set of treasury-focused metrics and benchmarks to prove true quantitative value-value that improves our clients’ top and bottom line.

Boosting sales effectiveness to optimize revenue

Customers using treasury management products and services generate as much as 7 times the fee revenue and 15 times the deposit balances of non-TM credit customers. For bankers facing ever-increasing growth targets, the ability to cross-sell treasury services into existing loans presents an immediate path to boosting revenue—we help you uncover those cross-selling opportunities. West Monroe leverages analytics and AI, defining an end-to-end strategy, and leading the development of new program governance that includes reporting, incentive structure design, and roles definition. All with the end goal of driving precision and results for our bank clients.

Implementing online banking systems

Banks implementing or upgrading online banking systems too often confront serious operational challenges, yielding delays, increasing budgets, and worse, disrupting client experiences. We partner with banks to guide the technical build and rollout of new online banking solutions. How? We focus on accountability and results, enacting meaningful change management, effectively managing vendors, and deftly leading client migration strategy. In return, our clients gain swift and seamless implementations that stay on time and on budget—all while preserving customer experience.

Creating a customer-focused target operating model

What is the target state of your treasury business required for success? We work with you to make sure your target operating model is aligned to what you want to offer, your strategic goals, and how you are seeking to grow. We help you get from here to there by elevating the differentiators of your TM program, benchmark against competitors, and identify gaps in the current model. Then, we uncover clear steps required to realize the ideal future state. The result: The business case for moving forward and tangible plans for banks that include TM operations, product sales and service recommendations, data and reporting needs, and talent requirements.

Optimizing revenue through a precise pricing strategy

Banks seeking to grow their treasury business often look to pricing as a key revenue driver. We know treasury pricing strategies must incorporate in-depth market intelligence to fully understand customer needs—we utilize data-driven analytics to support pricing optimization, distinguishing between transactional and relationship-oriented pricing structures to determine what best supports your business model. Plus, we work with you to uncover revenue opportunities with waivers, discounts, and billing mechanics and account analysis reconciliation.

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