June 4, 2020 | News

A statement from CEO Kevin McCarty: Our commitment to racial equity

A statement from CEO Kevin McCarty: Our commitment to racial equity

Like most of you, I have watched the news with mounting sadness over the state of our nation. At West Monroe, we join many when we say that we unequivocally condemn racial injustice and violence. West Monroe stands in solidarity with our Black colleagues, clients, friends, and community members, as well as others affected by these events. 

We do not tolerate discrimination, prejudice, or injustice of any kind. 
We stand against systemic bias and racism.
We do not accept violence and hate and strive for peace and love.
We stand together, today, with those who are calling for justice for George Floyd and all victims of racism.
We vow to be a part of the solution.

At West Monroe we know we have to do more and do it differently, and we’re committed to doing that. From education and internal change to community partnerships, we acknowledge we need to be better. We also acknowledge we don’t have all the answers. So, we will listen and learn. We know we have not done enough, fast enough. We will not let that stop us from continuously striving to improve racial equity at West Monroe and in our communities. 

  • We will invest to make an impact in our local communities and against social injustice 
  • We will allocate more time and resources to inclusion and diversity, including an inclusion and diversity leader who will be 100% focused on these issues
  • We will partner with our Black Employee Network and other ERGs to ensure the actions we take are meaningful to our underrepresented employees
  • We will push ourselves to have more vulnerable dialogue on topics of race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and national origin. This won’t be easy, but we’re committed to pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones  
  • We will increase our commitment to hiring and fostering diverse talent that we can continue to learn from and make us a better firm

We hope you—our community of employees, clients, friends, family, and partners—will support us and maybe even join us on this journey. 

On behalf of the West Monroe leadership team,

Kevin McCarty, Chairman & CEO

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