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West Monroe’s Doug Laney publishes new book on 101 ways to monetize data

West Monroe’s Doug Laney publishes new book on 101 ways to monetize data

June 29, 2022—West Monroe is proud to announce that one of its renowned innovation fellows, Doug Laney, this week is releasing his newest book, Data Juice: 101 Real-World Stories of Organizations Squeezing Value from Their (and Others’) Data Assets.

The book is published at a time when business leaders have a clear choice: drive more business value from their data, or risk falling behind. As organizations become increasingly digital to meet the needs of their customers, data plays a critical role in anticipating and responding to new market forces and demands. However, fewer than half of C-suite leaders use data on an ongoing basis to do things like track ROI, guide C-suite strategy decisions, and inform new products, according to new research from West Monroe that will be published this summer. 

“We’re in the midst of the data economy and for organizations to not be treating their data as an actual asset is a tragic mistake if they want to survive let alone thrive in their industry today,” said Laney, who helps West Monroe clients design new ways to understand and measure their data as a corporate asset. “Over the years I’ve compiled several hundred examples of how companies are using data and analytics in innovative ways and I kept getting asked to publish this compilation. Data Juice is more of a reference book but it’s also meant to inspire organizations to do more with their data.”

West Monroe’s data and analytics services play an important role in helping clients become digital organizations. A global healthcare communications firm, for instance, leveraged West Monroe to build a customer-centric dashboard where it could empower decision-making across all of its teams, from IT to finance to customer support. The results were a 75% increase in new customer growth because everyone could make customer-centric, data-driven decisions in real time. 

Laney, who is a member of West Monroe’s data engineering and analytics team, is also the author of Infonomics: How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive Advantage – deemed the “must-read” book of the year in 2017 by CIO magazine. He is also a renowned speaker on data strategy, fluency, and management and heavily involved in continuing education for executives at the University of Illinois, Carnegie Mellon, and other leading institutions.

More than 70 business leaders have endorsed Data Juice, including: 

Data Juice can be purchased here or various other book sellers. For bulk or signed copies for your management team, contact West Monroe directly. 

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