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The Impact of Economic Conditions on Innovation

In this panel, innovation leaders shared their perspective on how innovation is impacted based on current economic conditions

Every day it seems as though there are news articles from varying points of view on where innovation is currently flourishing or floundering. The last recession, in 2008, paved the way for a new wave of innovation – the rise of gig-workers and the sharing economy, to name a few. What do you think the current state of the economy will lead to as the next wave?  

Featured panelists shared their perspective on how innovation is impacted – both positively and negatively – based on current economic conditions:

  • GDP Growth + Decline
  • Unemployment Rate 
  • Inflation 
  • Trade, Fiscal and/or Monetary Policies

Featured panelists include innovation leaders:

  • A.J. Meyer, Innovation Fellow, West Monroe
  • Tom Bolger, Chief Strategy Officer, West Monroe
  • Colleen Campbell, Director – Operations Excellence, West Monroe
  • Erik Brown, Senior Director – Technology, West Monroe, Event moderator
  • Sean Adkins, Managing Director – Mergers & Acquisition, West Monroe
  • Doug Marshall, EVP Chief Digital & Product Officer, BECU
  • Curtis Kopf, Transformational Chief Digital Officer, REI
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