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Where to apply upskilling in a hybrid work model

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Where to apply upskilling in a hybrid work model

Though much remains uncertain as we emerge from the pandemic, one thing is clear: The hybrid work model is here to stay. Our executive poll shows that next to zero businesses are fully going back to in-person work or fully staying remote, which means the vast majority will end up somewhere in between.

We know this is a daunting shift. Hybrid work won’t only transform your organization’s talent strategy, employee experience, and management styles, but comes with adoption of new technologies and a spotlight on the ever-widening skills gap. Yet despite these challenges, hybrid work also presents new opportunities—and with the right tools, frameworks, and support, organizations can seize them. A focus on upskilling your organization’s workforce can help you successfully adapt to the new, hybrid working world. 

In what follows, we’ll walk you through the process of upskilling in a hybrid work environment. To aid in this task, we will define upskilling, demonstrate how organizations can apply it in a hybrid model, discuss common challenges and best practices, and examine how approaches differ among varying employee groups.

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