Learn how Alteryx powers our data analytics solutions that quantify and capture financial value. Fast.

Data is key to making effective decisions. You have an increasingly sophisticated arsenal at your disposal—advanced analytics, data science, data monetization, GenAI—for using data to drive value. But first, you must wrap your arms around massive amounts of available data to identify value drivers to the organization. 

That’s where West Monroe comes in. We’re laser-focused on value creation. It’s inherent in our offerings—from helping private equity investors identify opportunities during diligence, to equipping manufacturers to drive revenue growth and optimize supply chains.  

When it comes to making strategic decisions, time is of the essence. We build data and analytics solutions with that in mind—backed by carefully chosen methods and tools that enable our clients to work at speed. Alteryx is a key part of our tool kit because it enables fast, confident decisions that drive business value. We use it to make large quantities of data more accessible, allowing our teams and clients to accelerate the time to insight, action, and—value—revenue growth, cost reduction, profitability improvement, and more.

Harness internal and external data to create more value: How we use Alteryx

Harness internal and external data to create more value: How we use Alteryx

Solving a particular business problem often requires both internal and external data. Our team of experts uses the Alteryx data analytics platform to combine relevant financial, transactional, and/or operational data with third-party data sources—for example, foot traffic, census data, store location, or online sentiment. That means less time collecting data and more time where it matters most: analysis and strategy.

Enable all levers of your business

Enable all levers of your business

As a certified Alteryx partner, we understand its full capabilities and use the platform to enable analysis and modeling in critical areas such as: 

  • Customer sentiment trends 
  • Industry-specific operations 
  • Revenue and sales opportunities, including cross-sell/up-sell potential 
  • Commercial sales and marketing effectiveness  
  • New markets prioritization and revenue potential for expansion—or “white space” 
  • Pricing optimization 
  • Supply chain visibility
Empower your teams to deliver value—fast

Empower your teams to deliver value—fast

Identifying value potential is one thing. Turning opportunity into tangible results is quite another. That’s why we bring a multidisciplinary perspective—one that blends industry expertise, data know-how, financial modeling, and change management. That’s why we build holistic solutions that go beyond analysis and modeling. We’ll also be right there with you as you create the business capabilities necessary to capture value. That’s why we build solutions using proven tools, such as Alteryx, known to accelerate business value.

Data is key to making effective decisions

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