March 3, 2021 | News

West Monroe appoints 66 new directors

West Monroe appoints 66 new directors

West Monroe, a national business and technology consulting firm, today announced the appointment of 66 new directors as part of its annual review and promotion process. 

“As we work toward our 2025 strategy, a key focus area is ensuring we have the right leadership structure in place to support our growth goals and provide continued opportunities for our people to grow their careers at West Monroe,” said Susan Stelter, West Monroe’s chief people officer.  “The number of new directors appointed today is a testament to this. Their highly impactful contributions, including driving revenue, overseeing large engagements, leading and developing our people, and their in-depth industry knowledge will be amplified on the director-level to continue driving our business. We are incredibly proud to have these talented people as part of our leadership team at West Monroe.” 

West Monroe appointed the following new directors:

Shehzad Amin, Operations Excellence
Stacie Amorose, Shared Services
Eric Anderson, Energy & Utilities
Tricia Anklan, Energy & Utilities
Jeremy Bruck, Mergers & Acquisitions
Michele Catalano, Shared Services
David Chaddock, Technology
Jennie Chansomphou, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Calvin Cheng, Product & Experience Lab
Eric Chi, Technology
David Clifford, Operations Excellence
Tim Crickenberger, Mergers & Acquisitions
Cameron Cross, Technology
Adam Cummins, Operations Excellence
Sanket Dave, Technology
Dan Davidson, Customer Solutions
Gary Dollinger, Technology
Jason Earley, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Corie Frasor, Operations Excellence
Eric Freshour, Operations Excellence
Josh Hoppes, Financial Services
Donna Jolly, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Trevor Jones, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Adam Keen, Operations Excellence
Nick Kennedy, Operations Excellence
Kate Kiyosaki, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Connor Kohlenberg, Mergers & Acquisitions
Dawn Kramer, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Dan Mackowiak, Technology
Jon Magin, Mergers & Acquisitions
David McGee, Operations Excellence
Dan McGuire, Corporate Transformation
Chuck McNally, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Chris Miller, Technology
Lis Moore, Shared Services
Danielle Newman-Biczak, Shared Services
Mike Orehowsky, Operations Excellence
Brian Pacula, Operations Excellence
Dar Parikh, Technology
Mike Patelski, Energy & Utilities
Greg Player, Energy & Utilities
Nate Porter, Financial Services
Christina Powers, Technology
Gordana Radmilovic, Shared Services
Sarah Rodgers, Mergers & Acquisitions
Deric Selchow, Operations Excellence
Hubert Selvanathan, High Tech & Software
Sid Sharad, Operations Excellence
Michael Shatto, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Jeff Smith, Energy & Utilities
Rich Snipes, Technology
Ben Snyder, Customer Solutions 
Mark Snyder, Operations Excellence
Andy Sordi, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Amy Sparling, Shared Services
Katherine Swintek, High Tech & Software
Roger Taylor, Financial Services
Sean Teska, Technology
Kristin Thompson, Shared Services
Foster Tidwell, Mergers & Acquisitions
Andrew Topp, Technology
Jim Touhy, High Tech & Software
Andrew Walker, Healthcare & Life Sciences
Kevin Wicklin, Customer Solutions 
Tim Wrzesinski, Technology
John Zuk, High Tech & Software

Promotions are based on a current performance committee-led consensus process during the annual review season. Promotions are reviewed by meeting stringent criteria, including executing strategy, vision, mission and values of the firm; displaying a depth of subject matter expertise and tenure of experience; contributing materially to the financial and operating success of the firm through consistent revenue generation and more. 

All appointments were effective March 1, 2021.


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